How to get the Speed Booster ability in Metroid Dread

Samus can break through several obstacles with the Speed Booster (Image via MercurySteam)
Samus can break through several obstacles with the Speed Booster (Image via MercurySteam)
Shane Foley

Metroid Dread is a glorious return to 2D Metroid, and as such is bringing classic abilities, including the Speed Booster (and the Shinespark).

This ability was first discovered in Super Metroid, often considered one of the best Metroid experiences in the history of the franchise. Basically, using the Speed Booster will allow Samus to hit super speed for a short time. While running in a direction, she can jump to perform a Shinespark. Both of these techniques are bread and butter tools in Metroid speedruns.

Classic Metroid ability found in new game


To find the Speed Booster in Metroid Dread, players will need to head down to the Dairon sector. This part of the map is located on the bottom left of the map, so players can head in that direction from the ship if they have trouble finding it.

Once they reach Dairon, they have to destroy the control unit for the area. These battles can be a little annoying, but they shouldn’t take too long to beat. The control unit is located in a room where a turret and multiple energy rings fire at Samus.

The main trick here is to stay mobile. If a player jumps around and moves across the room, it should avoid most of the hazards being thrown around the place. Also, the control unit’s outer shell needs to be blown up with missiles; once it reveals its inner eye, then Samus can damage it with the beam cannon.

After defeating the Control Unit, Samus will be granted the Omega Stream. This ability lets Samus fire off a deluge of shots at a specific target. Players should be happy to see this ability because the Yellow EMMI will be waiting outside.

Defeating the Yellow EMMI will grant players the Speed Booster and Shinespark abilities. This enemy may be terrifying, but players can beat it with the Omega Stream. What they want to do is line up a shot at the robot’s face plate. If they get enough shots in, the EMMI’s face will explode.

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