How to unlock Modern Warfare Season 7 weapons early

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)

Modern Warfare is receiving some new weapons in the next update, which is supposedly Season 7. While players wait for the official release, there is a way to use the weapons early in Modern Warfare.

Currently, the weapons are unavailable to use in Multiplayer and Warzone alike. Once the update drops, that'll change, but for now, there is only one way to test out the weapons in-game. Players will need to go to the Survival Mode in Spec Ops to find the new weapons' early versions.

To use them, players need to go to a buy station and purchase either of the two weapons from the weapons section. From there, players can test how the weapons will work and practice a bit before the official release date.

Modern Warfare Season 7 details and content

Two weapons have been leaked in the game, but three weapons should be appearing in Modern Warfare Season 7.

The first weapon is the CX-9 which was rumored to be the Skorpion SMG. It's still an SMG weapon, and it looks very similar to the Skorpion that many players would expect. Later on, the challenge is to get two longshot kills in five multiplayer matches with an SMG to unlock the weapon.

The second leaked weapon is the Sykov Pistol, which may also be known as the Makarov from the previous Call of Duty games. It's a handgun that can be unlocked by getting four kills with pistols in five multiplayer matches within Modern Warfare.

A third seasonal weapon may be the RAAL light machine gun. However, the RAAL LMG was never made available in the Survival Mode for Modern Warfare. The weapon will likely show up later on in the same way that other seasons released weapons.

On top of the new weapons, Modern Warfare appears to be receiving new maps and operators. One of the new operators is Soap Mactavish, a protagonist in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trilogy. It was only a matter of time before Soap was brought into Modern Warfare to join Captain Price.

Maps will also supposedly be a part of the new update, and there may be four of them. Two of them are 6v6, which are Killhouse and Al-Raab Airbase. The others are 2v2 maps called Townhouse and Drainage.

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