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Streamers are complaining about the 'DMRZone' meta in Warzone

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
Brandon Moore
Modified 29 Dec 2020, 00:45 IST

'DMRZone' is the new trending topic as Call of Duty: Warzone players are seeing a large rise in DMR 14 usage.

Combining DMR and Warzone brings the term 'DRMZone.' That is what Warzone is currently being called by players. Streamers are not too fond of this new meta to say the least.

The DMR 14 joined the Warzone weapon roster when Season One launched. That saw the integration of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Since that time, it has been a DMR frenzy on the maps of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Streamers are complaining about the 'DMRZone' meta in Warzone

The phrase 'DMRZone' is taking over Twitter. Some users are even going as far as to correct tweets that call it by its true name, Warzone.

It's a bit comical, but also shows how balancing in video games is a major issue. No one weapon should be as powerful with the availability of the DMR. It takes away the variety that sees a battle royale thrive.


Of cource, streamer Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff had plenty to say on the topic. He feels that a single nerf to the DMR won't do the trick. A lot of the weapons coming to Warzone from Black Ops Cold War are being neglected.

In Nickmercs' mind, they need massive buffs in order to catch up. It's not simply about the DMR being the only usable gun. It's about the other weapons not standing a chance whatsoever compared to other Warzone guns.


Some streamers are praising the DMR, however. Tim "TimTheTatman" John Betar expresses that the DMR is a necessity in Warzone. Things truly depend on the type of player that has dropped into Verdansk.

Some players see the new meta, dive right in, and are solid at the game. They have no problem taking advantage of it. There are other players, though, that want to try other aspects of the game and simply can't find a way to counter the DMR.

Those are the ones having the most trouble with it. Regardless of how it plays out for certain individuals, though, it is obvious a change needs to be made. The vast majority of players are calling Warzone 'DMRZone' out of spite and not because they enjoy the DMR-infested battle royale.

Published 29 Dec 2020, 00:45 IST
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