"I am 1000% a better gamer than TimTheTatMan": Jordan Fisher speaks on Complexity streamer, his favorite games, and more

Jordan Fisher recently spoke with Sportskeeda about his future with Complexity Gaming, TimtheTatMan and more (Image via Jordan Fisher/Twitter & Complexity Gaming)
Jordan Fisher recently spoke with Sportskeeda about his future with Complexity Gaming, TimtheTatMan and more (Image via Jordan Fisher/Twitter & Complexity Gaming)


Jordan Fisher recently made a titanic move by adding “ part owner of Complexity Gaming” to his portfolio. After proving himself as an actor and musician, from Broadway to Netflix, Jordan Fisher has taken a huge leap forward and is now a part owner of Complexity Gaming and a content creator with the org.

In a recent interaction with Sportskeeda’s Jason Parker, Jordan Fisher talked about who is the best gamer between him and TimtheTatMan, his dream events to participate in, and so much more.

Jordan Fisher on how it feels to join Complexity Gaming and more

Q: First of all Jordan, thanks a bunch for taking the time to chat with us. How does it feel to be a part of the Complexity Gaming team?

Joining the Complexity ecosystem - it has been a dream becoming part-owner of the company and it means so much to me for a lot of reasons. I think that just being given the opportunity and keys to be able to make necessary changes in esports and content, the way that we're viewing it and seeing it, is great.

It's time for us to level up the way that the world views gaming as a whole. The seriousness, effort, time, and energy that goes into esports and content creation and everything within the gaming space is traditional media, and it has been forever. It's storytelling, production, and it's wonderful. We're here to make some changes and level things up.

Q: For those who might not know you're an avid gamer, what are your favorite games to play in your downtime?

I've been a gamer my whole life, I really started taking FPS games super seriously around Halo 2 and Halo 3, and Call of Duty pretty early on. My games of choice these days are Apex, Lost Ark, Valorant, and I've always been a big Overwatch fan. I've been a world of Warcraft player for 16 years now.

Q: Are there any major esports events you'd love to take part in?

I would really love to go to a World Championship for League of Legends and a major LAN for Apex.

Of course, I love all of the conventions but in terms of esports events, I'm super stoked for The FIFAe World Cup, for Fortnite to come back. I can't wait for our next major global series for Apex at a huge LAN event with the best players from around the world. That's what I’m super amped for.

Q: One of Complexity's biggest stars is without a doubt TimtheTatMan. Which of you is the best gamer? Who do you think would frag harder in Valorant/Warzone?



TimtheTatMan is an incredible creator, part owner of Complexity, and a partner of crime of mine in work and in life. He and his wife live just down the street from me and mine. We’re very dear friends and have a lot of exciting ideas for what we want to do with the organization and make changes.

In terms of gaming, I absolutely, 1000%, and he can attest, am just generally a better gamer than him! Although I know for a fact that I would frag harder in Valorant, and I think that if he gave me two weeks on Warzone, I would leave him in the dust, so that's that.

Although he would take Warzone right now for sure, that's his game and Valorant is mine, so I'll claim the Valorant throne for now.

Q: You also have a storied career as an actor and musician, such as being a part of the Emmy-nominated "Rent Live". Are there any musicians you'd love to collaborate with in the world of gaming?


Zedd is a very good buddy of mine. We've never collaborated musically, but I would definitely love to. Lost Kings or another set of good buddies of mine that I think are so gifted and talented.

There are a handful of really great artists out there that are streaming from time to time, but Zedd’s always been a mainstay and my favorite EDM artist. I don't think anyone's doing it like him and never has so definitely him.

Q: When it comes to creating video game-related content, do you think your strength lies in live streaming, or uploading content to YouTube?


Definitely live streaming for now, but I'm looking forward to digging more into the YouTube side of things. With the Complexity infrastructure, I'm excited to see what we can do with the YouTube world and in that space.

Q: Is there anyone particular in Complexity that you are particularly looking forward to working with?

Honestly, everybody! I'm a big fan of all of the creators and pros, the organization is unlike anything else in the world. I know the infrastructure and understand everything that's going on in the esports space as a whole.

I am absolutely thrilled and putting all of my chips in the Complexity basket, their roadmap is outlined beautifully. There are so many creative, heads, investors, and people top down that want to see Complexity all over the world and leading the charge in the gaming and esports space, and I fully believe that we have every ability to do that.


In terms of specifics though, I’m a big Max Holloway fan, love Sean Omal, and I'm a big UFC fan so all the UFC guys I'm stoked to hang with.

Q: You also a new merch line coming out, with art designed by Tai Aoki. What inspired the designs used in the merch?

I'm a huge anime fan, anybody that knows me at all knows that I'm a, a diehard. Crunchyroll, the key artist for The God of High School Anime Series, created a beautiful portrait of me as a character in the show and sent it to me for my birthday and it's been my profile picture on Twitter until literally a few days ago.

Aesthetically speaking, I really love vintage anime, the kind of rugged, burnt look of everything really from the eighties. That was kind of the visual foundation that I wanted to have set for this piece, especially at the very beginning, I wanted it to have a really vintage feel. Anime has been considered taboo and a guilty pleasure for so long, but over the last handful of years it's become a normal part of our ecosystem and social culture, and this is proof of that.


Hopefully people see this merge and even if they don't know what Complexity, Jordan Fisher, or what Home of Heroes is, they see it and think that it’s cool to look at and feels nostalgic. I want people to feel like it reminds them of something and makes them feel a part of something.

That's my community, stream, world and life, making people feel a part of something and included, that's everything to me.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest challenge of spending more time as a content creator? Will it impact your acting and music production?

No, it never has and it never will, thankfully all of these things can work in tandem. I can be a content creator anywhere in the world, 24/7 period, the end. I absolutely could never and would never want to do it all by myself.

I have an unbelievable team that makes it all possible. For me, I'm capable of being on set somewhere and then going back to my apartment or hotel and streaming for a period of time and continuing to upload and do all of these things.


That will continue, except it's a little different now because my time on set is now also me being a producer. Where content creation and streaming is concerned is so much more about the infrastructure of it all. Creating ideas that go out to the media impacting the space and the social culture globally in that way.

So much more of my time now is spent on the phone and answering emails, and I mean I love it. I love creating from the ground up and that's what I'm excited about here.

Jordan Fisher will serve as part of Complexity’s team as part owner and create content for the group, alongside his burgeoning career in music and acting.

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