TimTheTatman makes an appearance in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II teaser, fans celebrate

TimTheTatman gets featured in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II teaser video (Image via Sportskeeda)
TimTheTatman gets featured in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II teaser video (Image via Sportskeeda)

The streaming community was taken by surprise when YouTube Gaming star Timothy "TimtheTatman" revealed that he made an appearance in a teaser video for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II.

As expected, the streamer's tweet went viral on the social media platform as more than 1,000 fans replied to the post, and it went on to gain more than 50k likes.

Tim's lines in the promotional teaser for the upcoming iteration of Call of Duty were:

"All we need is this! Scope? Scope? No scope. You see what I did there? You got it, right? Hah!"

Fans celebrate TimTheTatman getting featured in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Fans were delighted to see their favorite content creator making an appearance in a teaser video for one of the biggest gaming titles due to be released soon.

@timthetatman @CallofDuty Smart move keeping you grounded. GGS.

Several high-profile streamers and influencers congratulated the former Twitch streamer.

@timthetatman @CallofDuty Guy brought a TikTok build to the truck, man they’re in for a treat
@timthetatman @CallofDuty Let's goooo Timmy! Badasssss

FaZe Jev was intrigued by the weapon TimTheTatman was seen holding during the teaser video:

@timthetatman @CallofDuty Is that an M40? This is sick.
@FaZeJev @timthetatman @CallofDuty Tim is carrying an M40A3 sniper yeHopefully it'll carry over to the full game, and we won't see another situation with that one bullpup that was in a ton of promos for mw19

DrLupo loved the attire TimTheTatman was donning and hoped that fans would get to keep the outfit in-game.

@timthetatman @CallofDuty Okay but tell me you got to keep the outfit
@DrLupo @timthetatman @CallofDuty Standard uniform in the bang sanctum

Controversial YouTube figure Tom "Syndicate" wanted to know if Tim would feature as a playable in-game character.

@timthetatman @CallofDuty Tim did you just confirm you're in the COD Universe!? and will be soon available as a in game character?!

Popular esports caster and co-owner of Full Squad Gaming Jake Lucky posted the teaser on his social media handle and was happy for the content creator.

Timthetatman is officially in Call of Duty HOLY FRIKIN W

Fan reactions to Jake Lucky's thread were a bit more polarizing compared to TimTheTatman's tweet. Some fans were not happy with his inclusion in the game and wondered if it was a "joke."

@JakeSucky This is a joke right?? Pleaseeee stop ruining these games!!!
@JakeSucky Him falling out of the truck and dying should have been the move

Some Twitter users mentioned that they would prefer to see Call of Duty professional players featured in the promotional videos instead of YouTube/Twitch content creators.

@JakeSucky Cod pros should be but they choose this guy
@JakeSucky Might as well give someone else the gun to, we all know he's gonna end up spectating

Twitter user DirtyRiceBryce (@BricksCooking) provided a reason for Tim's inclusion by mentioning the large viewer base he commands.

@Jonahwithdacash @JakeSucky Because pro scene is dead. Tim has more viewers than the whole pro scene.

Some fans wanted to know if the YouTube Gaming sensation would feature in the final game or if he was just making an appearance to promote the game.

@JakeSucky in the game or just this commerical?
@Gizzyflowz @JakeSucky just the commercial, not sure why he worded it like he is in the game

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is one of the most awaited gaming titles and will launch on October 28, 2022. The announcement came after Infinity Ward revealed the official artwork of the upcoming game last month on the Call of Duty blog.

Fans can tune in to watch the campaign gameplay during the Summer Games Fest hosted by Geoff Keighley on June 9.

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