"I am 1000% sold on Starfield": Community reacts to major reveal of gameplay footage

A major footage of the game has been revelaed (Image via Bethesda)
A major footage of the game has been revelaed (Image via Bethesda)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

When news of Starfield's delay came earlier in 2022, fans were quite sad about it. After all, the game has been in development for some time, and much has been discussed over the years.

However, it has finally taken June 2022 and the Xbox Bethesda showcase to display what kind of work has been done. Suffice it to say, the reactions are no less epic than what has been shown to the fans.


Starfield is set to be Bethesda's first new IP in over 25 years, and the developers have quietly built up on the hype. Dubbed "Skyrim in Space," the game will be a console-exclusive on Xbox and available on PCs.

As exciting as the game is, very few things were shown to the fans until yesterday. With the recent reveal, fans haven't been able to hold on to their excitement and have reacted in their way on social media.

Starfield fans react to the major showcase of the game at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022

I am 1000% sold on Starfield.Base-building, hiring NPCs, ship-building, choosing your crew, first-person dog-fighting in SPACE. 100 systems with over 1000 planets to visit?My hype is dangerously out of control right now.

The reactions started to pour in as soon as the official gameplay reveal occurred. While the overall responses are quite positive, there is some sense of scepticism as well.

One player mentioned that a major thing they missed was any interaction. The early footage led them to conclude that it could be like No Man's Sky with more gunplay. Whether they buy the game will depend on the degree of interaction between the characters.

Another fan feels that the emphasis on RPG mechanics in Starfield will be more than the likes of Fallout 4. The presence of a detailed skilltree and enemies having levels are just a few examples of that.

Some believe that there will be enough side content in the game for them to accrue hundreds of hours without even bothering with the main quest.

While one fan felt that the start of the gameplay reveal was flat, everything that happened there after pulled in their interests.


Some players believe that Bethesda has made a better decision by not following No Man's Sky's formula of going in with a near-infinite amount of procedurally generated planets.

They feel that such a thing will result in planets being boring and Bethesda will at least implement some kind of model to each one to make them look somewhat interesting.

One fan is excited that Starfield will allow them to build and customize their spaceship and not go in with default designs.

Some are skeptical about the degree of ambition of the game and feel that there's scope for things to be buggy.

Many have felt that it's quite evident from the early footage why Bethesda needed to delay the launch.


One fan feels that it would be incredible if Bethesda could manage to make each of the 1,000 planets feel useful.

Starfield's ambition is quite evident when one observes the showcase. It will be interesting to see when Bethesda manages to wrap up development, and when fans will be able to get their hands on the game.

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