“I asked him to cover that much” - Ludwig says ItsSliker will pay back $20,000 of all the debt he owes

Ludwig gives an update on ItsSliker
Ludwig gives an update on ItsSliker's "scamming" controversy, and says he asked the latter to pay $20,000 (Image via Sportskeeda)

During a recent broadcast, YouTube Gaming sensation Ludwig addressed the scamming controversy surrounding Twitch streamer ItsSliker.

Ludwig clarified that he contacted ItsSliker and urged him to pay $20,000 of the total amount he owed to various other content creators and members of the streaming community. He stated

"But I asked him to cover that much of the $384,000 so that he was still on the hook, and he would still have to think about and calculate how much money would go towards that."

Ludwig talks about ItsSliker's scamming controversy, claims that the latter agreed to pay $20,000 of the total debt

ItsSliker was accused of scamming several people on September 18 after Twitch broadcaster Mikelpee shared a minute-long video in which Sliker pleaded with his followers for financial assistance.

Later that day, ItsSliker took to his Twitch channel to respond to the controversy. He admitted that he was addicted to gambling and started losing money after betting the amount to recoup losses.

Ludwig tweeted the next day, saying that he was working with fellow Twitch star Felix "xQc" to pay back everyone who got scammed by Sliker. He also urged Twitch to do "something" about gambling streams.

Come September 23, the Mogul Money Live host provided an update on the aforementioned post, saying that he has come up with a "pretty accurate list" of people that fell victim to Sliker's scam:

"By the way, I should give an update on this, in terms of paying people out. I think we have a pretty accurate list of people who were scammed out of money from Sliker, that's been, you know, doubled, tripled, quadruple checks to be genuine people who got scammed out of money."

Ludwig stated that he will be providing $50,000 in reimbursements in the coming week:

"And I'm trying to go through, about, I'm hoping to do about $50,000 worth of people in the coming week, is my game plan. And then you guys are definetely, 1000% going to see an ad on Mogul Mail about like, I don't know. So, some Mogul Mail ad is coming soon."

Timestamp: 00:50:30

The Los Angeles-based content creator mentioned getting in touch with Sliker and asking him to pay $20,000 of all the debts:

"I asked Sliker to pay $20,000 of all the debts, and he said he was okay with that. And I told him we could come up with a payment plan, and we haven't created one yet because he doesn't have a 9 to 5 job yet."

Ludwig explained why he came up with the $20,000 amount:

"'Just $20,000?' Yeah, I mean, the number is hard to come to. Like, what's the correct number? Like, I think all of it, he would never get to it. There's a number that's too high, that he will never get to. There's a number that's too low, that's too easy to do."

The former Twitch streamer remarked that $20,000 is a large sum and that a person in debt would have a tough time repaying it with "any job these days":

"I don't think $20,000 is a small number, at all. I think $20,000 is a very high number, to be honest, and I think that if anybody had $20,000 of debt that they had to pay off, it would be very difficult, with any job these days. So I think it's fine."

Fans react to Ludwig's clip

The streamer's clip was posted to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with more than 30 community members providing their take. Here's what they had to say:

While some Redditors questioned how Sliker agreed to pay $20,000, others joked that the streamer would win a "21-to-1" wager to pay off the entire debt.

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