Twitch streamer ItsSliker accused of allegedly scamming viewers for thousands of dollars, later confirms he lost money due to gambling

Streaming community exposes ItsSliker for "scamming" viewers, and later he confirms losing money to CS: GO weapon skins gambling (Image via ItsSliker/Twitch)
Streaming community exposes ItsSliker for "scamming" viewers, and later, he confirms losing money to CS:GO weapon skins gambling (Image via ItsSliker/Twitch)

Twitch streamer ItsSliker made headlines on September 17 after fellow Twitch content creator Mikelpee shared a minute-long clip in which the former asked his viewers for financial assistance.

The aforementioned clip sparked a chain reaction on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Several Twitch personalities and community members spoke about ItsSliker, also known as Sliker, and accused him of defrauding viewers for thousands of dollars.

After Sliker's clips went viral, the broadcaster addressed the matter on his main Twitch channel. He admitted to taking money from his viewers and claimed to have lost the money while gambling on various Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins.

Twitch streamer Sliker has been accused of messaging dozens possibly hundreds of viewers and streamers asking for money and failing to repay them. With some people giving him thousands and others even tens of thousands of dollars.
He went live to respond, stating he never meant to scam anyone, and is seeking help. He wants to repay everyone.Whilst trying to pay some people back, he would fall behind, gamble to try and make it back, and began losing more and more... so would ask more people for money

Mikelpee shares a clip featuring ItsSliker asking for money

In the one-minute Twitch clip, the streamer voiced "cringe" for requesting financial assistance from the viewer and pleaded with them to keep the conversation personal:

"I hope you don't hate me on this. It's so cringe, and I'm cringe for asking my brother, please do not hate me. Please keep it personal as well. Basically, my bank account got locked. This has happened for, like, three, four days? I've been asking around people."

ItsSliker claimed that his bank account had been locked and that his credit was due the next day. Thus, he resorted to requesting money from individuals who "actually work":

"Suddenly, well, today; tomorrow is the last day until my credit starts getting f***ked up. It got locked out, and I was looking for people that actually work, that could I borrow some, and I'll pay back. Genuinly. Give me two months, and I'll pay back."

Sliker revealed that he had also approached a few streamers for money, but they were unable to assist him. That is why he felt compelled to contact his Twitch subscribers:

"But please, don't feel forced to do this. I'm sorry I couldn't get into a call. This is so; I'm feeling so embarrassed. I've asked a few streamers, and they couldn't help. Yeah, I don't mind, that's okay. So, I went out, asked a few subs I've noticed, and yeah."

ItsSliker responds

Sliker addressed the issue on his main Twitch channel a few hours after going viral on Reddit. The British content creator acknowledged that he gambled skins on the tactical shooter ever since CS:GO Launch came out:

"Ever since CS:GO, not to blame. But ever since CS:GO Launch came out, I was; it was the first time I went on that site, and it was a fun place to be. You know? Gamble skins and stuff, and..."

The streamer confirmed that he began gambling CS:GO weapon skins with real money:

"Wow, eventually I found out you can gamble with money, I started to gamble with money."

Streaming community reacts to the controversy

Multiple reaction threads related to the controversy got a lot of traction on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with numerous community members providing their take on the matter.

Redditor u/0161MannyOnTheMap016 shared a list of screenshots, revealing ItsSliker's Discord messages. One screenshot featured a viewer giving the Briton more than $7,000:

Another Redditor shared additional screenshots wherein the streamer was "ungrateful" after getting $2,000 from a viewer. The comment also "confirmed" that ItsSliker asked for money from Ludwig, Matthew "Mizkif", Tyler "Trainwreckstv", Rebecca "Justaminx", and many more:

Viewers were surprised to see Sliker not getting called out for his antics:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

ItsSliker is a partnered Twitch streamer, having started his online career in 2017. He is primarily a Just Chatting streamer with more than 434k followers and averages 622 viewers per stream.

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