"I legit would have to kill you": MrBeast reveals how his next project would be an instant hit, bigger than Squid Game recreation 

MrBeast reveals how his next project would be an "instant hit," bigger than Squid Game recreation (Image via MrBeast YouTube)
MrBeast reveals how his next project would be an "instant hit," bigger than Squid Game recreation (Image via MrBeast YouTube)

Although Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is still riding on the success of his recreation of the popular Netflix show Squid Game, he has already teased an idea that might be even bigger.

When it comes to creating YouTube videos, it's safe to say Mr. Beast is arguably the king. The YouTube sensation has made headlines with his viral, high-stakes challenges and outstanding charitable work, including founding his own food bank and raising millions of dollars to help clean up the world's oceans.

He was deep in conversation with Marques Brownlee when he announced his plans to make a video that would easily topple the success of his Squid Game recreation.

Here's what MrBeast said :

"I want to take everything I learned from Squid Game and apply it to this other idea, but if I told you, I legit would have to kill you."

MrBeast spills the beans in an interview with popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee

The philanthropic streamer has always been vocal about his plans. He announced his plans to make 2021 grander than 2020 even before the calendar had changed. Unsurprisingly, MrBeast is similarly ending 2021.

His most recent product was a jaw-dropping reproduction of Netflix's Squid Game, which smashed YouTube records and received over 42 million views in a single day.

MrBeast and Marques Brownlee in conversation:


MrBeast let Brownlee in on his grand endeavors. Sadly, the entire video was censored, leaving fans unaware of his plans. Despite this, he admitted that the video will be grander than ever and much bigger than his Squid Game recreation.

MrBeast announced that the production timeline might be extended to work on something grand. The 23-year-old YouTuber stated that he would film the project over six months or more.

MrBeast also teased a collaboration with British YouTube group Sidemen. He has reportedly invited them to America to film something that could easily break the internet.

The group has three primary YouTube channels, as well as individual YouTube channels for each of its members, all of which have millions of subscribers. The Sidemen YouTube account, where all seven make popular content, posts its greatest videos every Sunday.

While it's unclear if the two posts are synonymous, there's a lot in store for MrBeast's honest patrons.