"I should do more like this": MrBeast's latest video almost broke another YouTube record

MrBeast almost broke a new YouTuber record (Image via Getty)
MrBeast almost broke a new YouTuber record (Image via Getty)

Jimmy "MrBeast" is perhaps one of the most popular YouTubers ever. In typical fashion, his latest video has gone viral, amassing millions of views since its release on May 27. However, as per a tweet posted by this creator, it appears that the video was one of his more successful ones. This is because it barely missed out on breaking a YouTube record for the most viewed non-music video in the first 24 hours.

In a tweet posted on May 28, Jimmy revealed this information. MrBeast was quite jubilant and optimistic as he broke this news, telling his viewers that he will probably try to do similar content in the future. Here's what he said:

"New video almost broke the record for most views in 24 hours on a non-music video... guess I should do more like this."

"The best you've done": Fans hail MrBeast's latest video as one of his best works

In the image shared by the YouTuber, it can be seen that the video had received over 37 million views within 23 hours of being uploaded. Fans feel this is impressive but also not super surprising. After all, this video has all the trademarks associated with MrBeast.

Not only does its title mention an extravagant cash reward pool of half a million dollars, the competition ludicrously features contestants of all age groups ranging from one year old to 100.

The YouTuber has made a name for himself as among the best content creators of this generation. He became the red platform's most subscribed creator in 2022. While he has made many hit videos over the years, this latest one has clearly struck a chord with many.

British YouTuber and Beta Squad member Sharky wholeheartedly praised it in a recent tweet.

MrBeast responded to Sharky's post by saying he would continue to do bigger and better things.

Here are some more reactions to the news that his new creation almost broke the YouTube record for most viewed non-music video in the first 24 hours. Fans seem to be hailing it as "one of the best" pieces of content he's ever offered:

MrBeast himself had revealed that the new video was going to have better storytelling elements. Fans seem to agree and clearly have responded well, with the clip currently sitting at an impressive 38 million views with over two million likes at the time of writing.

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