"I'm convinced the dev team is two guys and a slack bot": Halo Infinite players are frustrated with 2022 roadmap

Halo Infinite players are far from happy with the 2022 roadmap (Image via 343 Industries)
Halo Infinite players are far from happy with the 2022 roadmap (Image via 343 Industries)
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The latest news that has arrived from 343 Industries is sure to initiate intense discussions within the Halo Infinite community. After a long wait, developers 343 Industries have finally revealed a roadmap for Season 2 and beyond. This may appease many of the fans who have complained about the lack of content in earlier weeks. There have been many intricate details about the roadmap, and while the overall reaction of the playerbase has been positive, some have also expressed serious concerns.

According to some, Halo Infinite seems to have gone on the back burner in the last few weeks despite a sound start. The major problem is the rate of addition of fresh content as well as available playlists. With regards to 343 Industries, a common complaint that players have noted is the poor development rate.

Halo Infinite players react to the fresh roadmap

Earlier on April 23, 343 Industries showcased their official roadmap and all their planned content updates. While the general response was positive, certain members of the community are unsure about certain aspects of the roadmap. It should be noted that the roadmap is for the remainder of 2022.

In this month's #HaloInfinite update we're discussing the team's priorities and sharing an initial look what you can expect throughout the remainder of this year – including new details on Campaign Co-Op and Forge. 🗺:…

One curious observation is the length of the upcoming season. Lone Wolves will last for six months, which is quite against the players' anticipation. It should be noted that while Season One also covers six months, it contradicts the previously announced three-month plan. Additionally, this indicates that 343 Industries will likely continue this trend of seasons lasting six months. This is quite surprising news for some, with one player commenting that shorter seasons would be more sensible from a commercial point of view.

In response, another player said that the developers might not have enough manpower to maintain a live interactive service at the scale that Halo Infinite currently requires. This could be the reason why the season's duration has been lengthened despite the prospect of lower profits.

Some players had even predicted that Season 2 would also last 6 months, just like the first one. Now, with the revealed roadmap, this has clearly turned out to be true.

The rate of new content has been a major problem for several players. With the extended duration of Season 2, this means a disappointing amount of content for an entire year. It has been a common issue that older games in the series have had more content in the same timeframe.

With such a slow pace, some players feel that even solo devs can do a better job at this point.

Another area of disappointment has been the progression system of the game. As things stand, a genuine progress system will only arrive at the end of the year, possibly with Season 3 content.

Moreover, the fact that the campaign missions can't be replayed yet is quite disappointing for players who prefer the single-player mode of the title. Incidentally, the campaign missions are also missing the co-op feature, which is still yet to arrive.

The issue with the progression was also raised by another player who felt that if they had to grind, they should at least be aware of the full system.

While there's a general consensus that 343 Industries is lacking when it comes to Halo Infinite, one player wants to know the exact reason for it. They're not quite sure if the problem is with the game's engine, staff numbers, or anything else altogether.

This is the second instance after the reveal of Halo Infinite Season 2, where the reactions have been mixed. It's quite apparent that while players are somewhat satisfied with the additions, the speed and volume of content addition is an issue. If left unchecked, it could possibly evolve into a stage from which it would be very difficult for the game to retain its players.

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