"F the 343 management and higher ups": Frustrated Halo Infinite players want a shakeup of things over poor handling of the game

Halo infinite fans are unhappy with the developers and want a change of things (Images via 343 Industries)
Halo infinite fans are unhappy with the developers and want a change of things (Images via 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite and 343 Industries is a love story gone wrong as fans and players have gone increasingly frustrated with the developers. It seemed that the right boxes were ticked when the recent Halo game was released with a free-to-play multiplayer.

However, over time, fractures have started to appear as fans have become displeased with the overall direction. Such has been the degree of frustration that players are hoping that 343 Industries will get a radical shake-up.

The recent outburst on social media has been an accumulation of players' frustration over several weeks. It all started with limited playlists and the missing fan-favorite modes. To make matters worse, Season Two was delayed, and certain requested features were locked with it. All of this has led to Halo Infinite players questioning the capability of 343 Industries and if it's fit for the task.

Halo Infinite players want a shakeup of 343 Industries over poor handling of the game

Earlier on April 7, Reddit user u/hantar7788 gave s screenshot of a Halohub post from Twitter. The post asked if players believe a top-down shakeup is required at 343 Industries over how it handles Halo Infinite. U/hantar7788's opinion was crystal clear from their response, and they weren't the only one asking for a change.

One user explained the issue at hand and how it's very difficult to rectify it. The person explained that the only way a change would come is if people stopped watching and playing Halo. However, it wouldn't happen because of the business model that has been created.

Another player explained the above angle more explicitly. They claimed that people will still buy inferior Halo products despite criticizing the previous ones. This results in corporations like 343 Industries earning millions despite making an inferior product. Ultimately, the goodwill will subside and the franchise will be shelved-off altogether.

A recently-released cookbook is in the eye of further controversy. While 343 Industries doesn't have a direct relationship with it, players feel that the focus should be on gaming content.

Time to upgrade your armory right alongside your pantry. Announcing, the official Halo Cookbook from @insighteditions! Available for pre-order right now, releasing in August.๐Ÿ•

One fan suggested getting celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay to roast the cookbook to hurt the business.

Some fans want the top brass of 343 to be dismissed.

Another player stated that this is what happens when the responsibility is given to someone who isn't an enthusiast. The player pinned the poor execution over the fact that the heads at 343 don't love Halo Infinite and see it as another monetizable asset.

According to one fan, it seems doubtful if the upper management will be able to name three weapons and maps from Halo Infinite.

Such has been the feeling regarding the developers of the game, that a certain fan wants the shakeup as a "gift for Christmas."

One of the most important was stated by another fan who brought in the contribution of Bungie, who is the actual creator of Halo. Unlike Bungie, 343 was just handed over the reins of the franchise by Microsoft. Had 343 Industries had to work like Bungie did, the fan believes that things could have been better.

Many fans shared the same opinion and one went on to state how 343 hasn't done anything meaningful. All it has done so far is ride on the success of Bungie and let the fans down.

It's unlikely that 343 Industries will make such an important decision based on online public opinion. However, the opinions hold weight since they come from the hardcore Halo Infinite players and fans. If anything, the developers should try to take the feedback seriously and make changes before it's too late.

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