Halo Infinite's attrition is a big hit, community wants it to be a permanent game mode

Halo Infinite's Attrition playlist has gained great reception (Image via 343 Industries)
Halo Infinite's Attrition playlist has gained great reception (Image via 343 Industries)
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Halo Infinite has added several events to the game, like the current Cyber Showdown event, to keep the players engaged and earn different rewards.

The latest installment of the Halo series, developed by 343 Industries, has been one of the biggest releases of 2021. The game has gained more success with its free-to-play multi-player model that has attracted several new players along with the old Halo faithful.

To keep engagement levels high, events like the Cyber Showdown have been added to the game that rewards different rewards to players.


There have been complaints regarding the available playlists in the game. To address this, 343 Industries has implemented an all-new Attrition mode in the game as part of the Cyber Showdown event. Much to the fans' delight, the Attrition playlist has delighted the players.

Halo Infinite fans want the Attrition playlist to be made a permanent feature in the game

Inheriting many features of the Fiesta Slayer playlist, the Attrition playlist has been able to delight the fans. The reception has been that the community now wants the playlist to be made a regular thing, even in Ranked.

While fans loving a seasonal mode is not new, there are specific reasons why the Attrition mode has been loved so much.

The importance of teamwork

Attrition mode relies heavily on good teamwork, as the team shares a mutual life pool. Each of the two teams has eight lives, and once a teammate has fallen, the remaining players will have to go to the glory orb to revive their fallen compatriot.

Best-of-three rounds


Slayer mode is played in a single round, making it a bit about luck and good fortune. But the Attrition mode is played in a best-of-three-round format that makes it far more balanced and leaves scope for teams to come back if they can play tactically. As a bonus, the mode can be played on all the maps, including popular ones like Bazaar.

Scope for additional XP

The Attrition playlist matches have scope for bonus XP if players can complete the additional quests. The other weekly challenges are an excellent way for Halo Infinite players to fast-track their progression to earn more events and seasonal rewards. Additional playlists also help keep the gameplay varied and don't make the players feel bored.

It remains to be seen if 343 Industries will listen to the players' feedback. The developers had released the Slayer playlist earlier than expected based on what the fans expected.

The Attrition playlist can be enjoyed until the end of the Cyber Showdown event in Halo infinite as things currently stand. If the playlist becomes permanent, it will be no surprise to become the most popular playlist among the players.

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