343 industries open up on improving Halo Infinite rewards in future updates

343 promises better work the next time (Image via 343 industries)
343 promises better work the next time (Image via 343 industries)
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Halo Infinite players have a set of news stories that will be music to their ears as the developers, 343 Industries, have announced major changes in upcoming rewards. This change is likely based on the feedback Halo Infinite players provided, based on the lukewarm rewards from the recent Tenrai event.

The Tenrai event of Halo Infinite was by no means a failure. Halo Infinite players earned cool samurai gear by completing a certain set of objectives and it was exciting news for the players. But controversy broke out as soon as the Tenrai event started.


The major area of criticism was based on the fact that certain items found their way into the Halo Infinite store that were not supposed to. These gears were earnable at the Tenrai event but what was planned never happened; which enraged the Halo Infinite community.

343 industries takes blame, say they were unclear and promises positive changes for Halo Infinite

While many of the players were left bewildered, 343 industries' Head of Design, Jerry Hook, said on a Twitch stream how the lack of clarity was a major mistake and shouldn't have happened in the first place:

“We want the events to be a place where you can earn new content and not care about whether you’re going to pay or not,”

Hook further added how the content was supposed to be of high quality, and how the principal intentions were for Halo Infinite players to earn it from the Tenrai event.

"None of that should be available in the store. We made that mistake; I’m sorry about that.”

There are improvements along the way

343 has confirmed more armor will be added to the Tenrai event when it comes back to #HaloInfinite.It's frustrating seeing things launch in a way we don't like, but this clip is proof that not only is 343 listening, but they also are willing to take ownership for mistakes.

While it's noble for Cook to have come out and apologize, Halo Infinite players will expect 343 industries to walk the talk. According to Cook, the Tenrai event, during its return on January 4, will have marked improvements.

Better rewards

Future events in Halo Infinite will have better rewards as 343 industries are looking to reduce rewards like bonus XP based on community feedback. Halo Infinite players will be able to earn valuable cosmetics, including those that were seen in the trailer.

Better missions

Not only will Halo Infinite have better rewards in the future, they will also have to depend less on random missions for rewards. The challenge system is being revamped and 343 industries will be ensuring the the fracture events will be far more rewarding in the future for free players, as well.


The entire focus will be to make every reward system and challenge in Halo Infinite feel worthy of the time spent to complete them.

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