"This game needs a new developer": Halo Infinite fans furious about 343 Industries' efforts to combat cheating

Halo Infinite fans aren't happy with the steps being taken by the developers to combat cheating (Image via 343 Industries)
Halo Infinite fans aren't happy with the steps being taken by the developers to combat cheating (Image via 343 Industries)
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In its latest blog, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries outlined its plans to combat cheat users in the game. There were plenty of details about the actions taken by the developer. However, there seemed to be no plans for a kernel-level anti-cheat for the game, and this has riled up fans.

In our latest developer blog, we outline our anti-cheat strategy for #HaloInfinite and share the steps we'll be taking to continue improving our approach. Read up to learn more! 🛡…

Anti-cheat measures are essential for any game with an active multiplayer to ensure fair gameplay. However, the demand for a good anti-cheat solution in Halo Infinite is more due to its higher accessibility on account of being a free-to-play game.

The same holds true for Call of Duty Warzone. Activision keeps upgrading Ricochet regularly to catch and ban users, and fans were seemingly expecting the same with the latest Halo title.

The lack of kernel-level anti-cheat has irritated Halo Infinite fans

One user felt that without a proper anti-cheat solution, the game will die out despite the planned addition of fresh content in Season 2. The same person also stated how Microsoft needed to follow Activision's lead and take the bold step of introducing something along the lines of Ricochet.

no kernel anti-cheat there is no halo or a growing player base to look forward even if you have Forge or Battleroyal.@Activision is able to eat the bullet and build an in-house AC but not @Microsoft who owns @Halo literally and own the OS you use daily makes complete sense…

Another gamer wondered why 343 Industries never went with Easy Anti-Cheat again. EAC has a reputation for being an effective software that could have reduced the workload of the developers.

@AntiCheatPD @Activision @Microsoft @Halo Never understood why they didn’t go with EAC again like they did with MCC. Wasn’t perfect, but it’s better than what they have now. Usermode w/ lack of a proper reporting pipeline, of course game’s gonna have cheaters.

One player implied that the developer simply opted for the easy route by removing the red reticle instead of working on implementing better anti-cheat software.

@Halo So red reticle was removed to make it harder to develop cheats, but one of the reasons for not going with kernel-level anti-cheat is because cheats would be more complex (aka, harder to develop)?Do you guys even know what you're doing?

One fan felt the blog was pointless and the developer needs to add something substantial.

@Halo Yet another empty article that contains next to nothing of actual value. Basically you describe what anti-cheat software is and then end with “we hope to make improvements to it some day!” Fantastic

The feeling of the player above was shared by another who felt that they didn't really find anything worthwhile in the latest blog post.

@maybeimnick @Halo unfortunately yes, unless i missed something, me halo fan looking for new content and anything about the future, didnt get anything from this

One fan found the removal of red reticles to combat cheat makers as ineffective. If anything, he added, it reduced satisfaction for players on PC.

@Halo I’m sorry, but the removal of red reticle on PC is still clearly ineffective and not worth screwing over the whole PC playerbase. You said yourselves this is meant to be a first class experience for PC, and this decision (along with others) holds the game back.

The removal of the red reticle definitely hasn't gone down well with some fans who see it as an omission of a quality-of-life feature.

@Halo I'd still like to know why Campaign on PC doesn't have red reticle. It's a PvE mode where cheating/bots are not a concern in the slightest, and wouldn't have any bearing upon Multiplayer.Please stop getting rid of baseline QOL features because your in-house systems don't work.

Whatever plans 343 Industries had about the removal of the red reticle is quite different from what the fans interpret it as.

@Halo What a complete joke of a justification for removing red reticle. Bring it back!

Finally, some simply voiced a popular complaint by requesting for some new content to be outlined so players have an incentive to play Halo Infinite.

@Halo Outline some content so I have a reason to play your game again

Reactions to today's blog post revealed a fair amount of discontent among Halo Infinite fans, with many holding the opinion that 343 Industries needs to make a proper anti-cheat that doesn't sacrifice QoL features.

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