"I'm going to build myself a castle in Harajuku": Project VEE's Tulsa-Nightmare Madness IV discusses goals, challenges, and streaming opportunities

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV is a demon lord that has joined Project VEE to create content on YouTube (Image via Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV/YouTube)
Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV is a demon lord that has joined Project VEE to create content on YouTube (Image via Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV/YouTube)
Jason Parker

Sony Music Entertainment Japan recently announced its new Project VEE VTuber group. The company has recruited five first-generation VTubers to join and produce content with them, which will be more than simply streaming games. They will also take part in music, voice acting, and other media projects to entertain Project VEE fans.

In a recent interaction with Sportskeeda’s Jason Parker, Project VEE’s resident demon lord, Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV spoke about her hopes for the future and the challenges that come with being a VTuber, as well as the goals she has. With 18K followers on YouTube, the young demon lord has been growing a steady following.

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Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV is glad to be on board Project VEE

Q: First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Congratulations on being selected for Project “VEE.” How does it feel to be a part of the team?

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: My days of lazing around in the demon realm are over because I’m super busy now! My mom was always nagging me about getting a job, so I’m glad I managed to find one! But now she’s switched to yelling at me for not washing the dishes because I’m too busy streaming. I gotta fix this somehow…

Q: What do you enjoy the most as a member of Project Vee and a content creator?


Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: When I’m creating, I always try to think what would be the most entertaining to see in a streamer for all you slightly jaded otakus out there! Just like how you viewers help me to create each stream by your presence, I feel like I’m helping create somewhere for you to belong, you know. So yeah, I’ll make an arena where otakus can feel comfortable, so go wild in there, you guys!

Q: What are your goals as a member of the group? Any dreams or aspirations you are aiming for?

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: I’m going to build myself a demon lord’s castle in Harajuku! It’ll be totally gigantic, and I’ll, like, absorb tons of magical power too... So yeah, build a humongous castle, show off how powerful I am, and eventually I’ll stop lounging around and get back to being a hardcore career-minded demon lord!! Well, though once I take over the whole demon realm, it’s not like I’ll need to work anymore after that.

Q: Will there be streams and content in English, or will this be only for Japanese viewers on YouTube?


Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: I have no clue about English, so I do plan to do English practice streams or something like that! You otakus will help teach me, and one day I’ll build myself a demon lord’s castle in New York or somewhere, too... Will I be okay owning two castles? Ehh, my secretary or someone will figure out how to manage them.

Q: Do you have any dream streaming opportunities? Collaborations with other streamers or particular game franchises?

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: I hope I can play some retro games from around the PS1 and PS2 eras! I’m especially interested in PaRappa the Rapper. When I first came across it several years ago, it seemed really scary to me. I’m wondering if my impression will change if I try playing it again. Oh, I am 17 years old, though!

Q: When you aren’t streaming or creating content, what do you do to relax?

今日の20時からB組さんがくるぞ!どうなるかドキドキだWe have our first stream of new members today at 8pm!Come watch with us!…

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: I sleep, seriously. I just sleep. Literally sleep. I’m asleep more than I’m awake. I’m asleep pretty much all the time, basically.

Q: Have there been any major challenges getting started in this new VTuber personality?

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: I haven’t worked in ages, so having a job now is a huge challenge for me all by itself!! I deserve kudos just for being employed!

Q: Everyone brings something different to streaming. Do any of your hobbies, passions or personal skills come in handy while streaming?


Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: I’ve always loved singing, to the point that whenever I take a bath, I’m singing the whole time! I also like Japanese entertainers, and always admired how they’re able to bring a smile to people’s faces. So I think that kind of thing might be helping with my streaming activities.

Q: Do you have any message for your fans, or for people that might not know who you are yet?

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV: Hey, otakus~!♥ You love cute young demon lords, don’t you?♥ Come here, I’ll do a nice super relaxing stream just for you~♥ Let me use you to grow my magical power~♥ Oh, and I’m not 10017 years old, I’m 17, OK?♥

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Project VEE is a huge undertaking by Sony Music Entertainment Japan as their largest virtual talent development to date. Each Project VEE VTuber has their own unique personality, streams, and projects. They can all be found on YouTube, where they produce their content.

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