"I haven't had these many technical difficulties since you got fired" - Adin Ross threatens to sue Kick streamer Citrus

Adin Ross threatens to sue Kick streamer Citrus
Adin Ross threatens to sue Kick streamer Citrus (Image via paradox/YouTube)

Controversial internet personality Adin Ross has threatened to sue his former assistant and Kick streamer, Citrus. On May 14, 2024, the content creator was reacting to trending videos when his OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) began to glitch. Adin Ross was visibly irritated by the situation and immediately requested assistance from his associate in determining the root cause.

After his associate claimed that the issue was caused by Kick, the 23-year-old remarked:

"Yo, I'm not even joking... what is going on?! It's Kick? Somebody is going to get raped tonight. So, who the f**k is... no, no, I don't mean that physically. I mean, like, yo, what's going on? (The livestream fades to black) S**t, bro! What happened? Why am I black now? So is it toolkit or Kick?"

A few moments later, Adin Ross claimed that he had been experiencing technical difficulties since Kick streamer Citrus was fired. He then threatened to sue him, saying:

"Citrus, I just want to say one thing - I haven't had these many technical difficulties since you got fired. I'm going to have to sue you. I'm getting sued by four different people right now. You're going to get sued for interfering with my business. So, f**k off. Stop booting my IP. Stop doing this weird s**t. I'm not dumb, all right? I'm not a f**king idiot! Do I look like a re**rd? No!"

What did Adin Ross mean when he said people were suing him?

On April 12, 2024, Adin Ross disclosed that he was being sued by a photographer, who accused him of "leaking" a picture of Playboi Carti. Providing details about the situation, the indefinitely banned Twitch streamer said:

"I'm getting sued by the guy who took a picture of Carti in a thong and he's saying that I am the one who leaked the picture when TMZ and s**t posted it. On god, bro, all I did was react to it."

Ross then stated that "eight people" were trying to sue him, adding that the photographer was looking to settle the matter. He elaborated:

"Hop in the back of the line. There are, like, eight people trying to sue me right now. He said, 'I would appreciate if you can try to make it right.' You're not settling with me, bro, you're not going to win. I pay my lawyers too f**king good."

Adin Ross is a well-known figure in the livestreaming community, best known for his Just Chatting, reaction, and gaming content. Earlier this year, he became the first Kick streamer to amass over one million followers on the platform.

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