"I didn't respond and you swatted me?": Adin Ross confronts person who's allegedly responsible for swatting him thrice

Adin Ross talks to his Swatter on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross talks to his Swatter on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

On his latest stream from yesterday, popular Just Chatting streamer Adin Ross had a conversation with the person who was allegedly responsible for swatting him three times and confronted him about it.

The person shockingly admitted to not only swatting him but also other prominent streamers such as Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed. Apparently, the reason he swatted Adin was that the streamer didn't respond to a discord message:

"So, basically I didn't respond to your discord DMs, and you swatted me?"

"You thought you were going to die, that sh*t's funny": Alleged swatter reveals why he swatted Adin Ross


The criminal practice of swatting has been a part of streaming culture for a long time and many high-profile streamers have been swatted while streaming on their respective channels this year alone. Adin Ross himself has been swatted four times and IShowSpeed's arrest by the police sparked widespread outrage back in August.

In the United States, doxxing and swatting are crimes punishable under Federal Law, so it was quite a shocking revelation when the person admitted to committing the crimes on a livestream in front of tens of thousands of people.

When Adin confronted him, the alleged swatter justified his actions by pointing out that the streamer had not responded to a discord message where he had warned the Twitch star that if he continued to ignore the messages, he would have the streamer's door "bashed in":

"Well, I mean, do you remember that one conversation we had a long time ago and I said, 'If you keep ignoring me and being a weirdo, I'm going to get your door f*cking bashed in?'"

When pressed further, he continued by saying that he helped Adin Ross when he first got swatted and thought he needed to get revenge on the streamer. He also revealed that he found the act of swatting funny:

"It's not even just about that, it's funny."

When asked how he could find it funny, he nonchalantly answered:

"Ah, you were scared for your life. You thought you were going to die. That shit's funny as f*ck."

After joking about the situation, the streamer resumed his questioning and this time mentioned that he could have easily died as a result of swatting. This is not far-fetched to say, considering people have been shot at by cops responding to swatting. But the person remained dismissive about the events:

"No, you couldn't have... Trust me, you wouldn't have died."

The streamer tried to explain that he has armed security guards on the property, insinuating that a shootout could have easily broken out:

"My security guard is a security guard with a gun on the property so..."

The person went as far as to say that if wanted to kill Adin Ross, he would be dead by now:

"You wouldn't have died, bro. If I wanted you to die, you would have. You didn't, you're fine."
The alleged swatter admitted to being involved in all 3 cases later in the call

Later in the same call, he also admitted to swatting Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed when Adin Ross asked him about it. The streamer asked:

"I'm saying, you swatted both of them?"

To which the person answered:

"Yeah. I have their recordings, they are up on YouTube."

He also repeatedly kept asking the streamer for $10k.

Social media reactions

Twitter users were quite irked by the clips posted on the site by various channels such. Prominent Esporting personality Jake Lucky tweeted about the incident, garnering thousands of reactions. Here are some of them:

@JakeSucky surely they should be able to get into contact with someone at discord and get this dude’s info, or at least his IP, from his account, since he has proof of him admitting to swatting adin
@JakeSucky 10K sounds like some type of extortion or something
@JakeSucky thats the problem with this clout generation, they expect those big streamers to remember each and every single conversation they had with literally anyone on the internet
@JakeSucky Put him away in jail. Swatting is a crime.

A few even pointed out that talking to the swatter on stream was not a good move on Adin Ross's part:

@JakeSucky How do you encourage more swattings?Give the swatter a platform by letting him talk on Discord ON STREAM. Literally HANDING this type of behavior a microphone. 🙃
@JakeSucky Let’s give the dude more attention !
@JakeSucky He shouldn’t be live streaming this he should talk with the police and find this kid
@JakeSucky I don't think having this discord call on stream was the best move tho

A Twitter user also posted a news story from 2019 regarding a fatal swatting that took the life of a person back in 2017. The accused, who set up the fake call, was given a 20-year sentence for the crime.

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