"I think I'm crying" - xQc goes bonkers after winning $2 million in new slot game on Stake

xQc wins a whopping $2 million on Stake (Image via Kick)
xQc wins a whopping $2 million on Stake (Image via Kick)

Popular Kick and Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" is once again back with his gamba streams. This time, he ventured into a new online slot machine game titled "PIZZA! PIZZA? PIZZA!" on Stake.com and remarkably secured a staggering $2.1 million in winnings.

Naturally, this incredible win left the streamer in a state of euphoria. While the streamer had experienced significant wins live on stream in the past, hitting the jackpot in the millions always gives him that extra thrill. Reacting to the win, he exclaimed:

"Golden truck! 2 mil! Wait, what! What! What! Boom! Boom! 2 mil! Holy f**k! Boom! Holy f**k 2.1 mil! I got the Golden Truck and it found a Golden Jelapino on the Pizza at the back side of the crust. It f**king crusted. Oh my god! Oh my god! I think I'm crying."

What is PIZZA! PIZZA? PIZZA! Slot Game? xQc wins big in recent 'gamba' stream

xQc, recognized as one of the leading 'Gamba' (gambling) streamers, made a comeback with his slot machine content, and this time, he achieved a remarkable $2.1 million win in a game titled "PIZZA! PIZZA? PIZZA!"

As for the game itself, it is a 5-reel slot game developed by Pragmatic Play in collaboration with Reel Kingdom. This game features an unusual grid shaped like a slice of pizza, with a layout of 2-3-4-5-6. In portrait mode, symbols pay from left to right, and in landscape mode (on mobile devices), they pay from bottom to top.

Players can easily access the game on the Stake.com website. For those unaware, Stake is also the co-owning company of Kick, the streaming platform to which xQc has been contracted since June 2023.

What did the community say?

The clip was promptly shared by Ryan (@scubaryan_), known as one of the most prominent X (Twitter) troll accounts. His post garnered a plethora of reactions from the online community. Here are some of the notable ones:

Fans react to xQc's latest win (Image via X/@scubaryan_)
Fans react to xQc's latest win (Image via X/@scubaryan_)

While many of Felix's gambling clips have gone viral, it's important to acknowledge that his content has also stirred controversy. An example of this controversy arose when he initially signed a contract with Kick. This move sparked numerous online debates, pitting him against prominent figures such as Pokimane and HasanAbi, particularly on the subject of promoting gambling.