xQc's latest $100,000,000 contract with Kick, the biggest ever in history, close to Adin Ross’ exclusive deal with platform

xQc's deal compared to Adin Ross's (Image via Twitter)

Streaming star Felix "xQc" has been making waves in the news following his remarkable transition to Kick, a streaming platform backed by Stake and Tyler "Trainwreckstv." For those wondering, on June 16, 2023, Felix put pen-to-paper to an unprecedented two-year non-exclusive contract with the website, securing a staggering $100 million, which set a new world record.

This groundbreaking deal easily exceeds the previous highest payouts in the streaming industry, potentially surpassing notable figures such as Adin Ross, who joined Kick in February 2023, and Tyler "Ninja," who joined the now-defunct Mixer platform in 2019.

Although specific figures for Adin Ross and Tyler "Ninja" aren't publicly disclosed, Adin claimed to have secured the highest deal at the time of his move. Reports indicated that Ninja made around $20-30 million for his Mixer deal.

xQc's historic Kick deal in June 2023 sent shockwaves

Major news outlets like the New York Times were the first to report xQc's $100 million deal. As per these reports, he is expected to receive a base payment of $70 million, with an additional $30 million to be paid as incentives.

Shortly after joining Kick, xQc found himself in a heated confrontation with Pokimane. During their intense debate, Pokimane brought up the $100 million figure, to which xQc promptly responded by suggesting that the actual deal might have been even higher than the initial rumors indicated. He said:

"It's more. It's more than that. But it doesn't matter."

(Timestamp: 03:26:25)

Felix's statement during the call could be seen as impulsive or spontaneous. However, neither Felix himself nor the co-owners of the platform, including Trainwreckstv and Ed Craven, have made any public statements or comments regarding the matter.

Was his deal greater than Adin Ross's?

Like xQc's deal, when Adin Ross joined the platform (February 2023), he was hailed as having the highest-paid streamer deal of all time. When discussing his contract, he expressed:

"I'll just tell you straight up, I just signed the biggest streaming deal of all time of any creator as far as I know and it feels amazing. I am blessed bro, and now I just wanna take time to capitalize off that and get back to people, get back to people who are in need, and bless the f**k out of everyone I can."

Trainwreckstv also provided insight into the situation. During an interview with Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky), he hinted that Adin's deal exceeded the contracts of streamers like Ninja and Nickmercs, who were previously believed to hold the record for highest payouts:

"It gets messy when it's just streaming deals 'cause there's a bundle of things in there, but what I will say is the amount is more than all those people."

Adin Ross's deal was signed in February, approximately four months before xQc's monumental $100 million agreement. It is safe to say that Felix's deal currently stands at the top of the charts and will likely remain a significant milestone that will be challenging to surpass in the near future.