"If you can't realise": Social media stands up against harassment of Minecraft streamers like Tubbo, amid Dream grooming allegations

Minecraft streamer opens up about being harassed and criticized about being friends with Dream.
A recent Tubbo clip went viral as he discussed his friendship with Dream, after the grooming accusations went public (Image via Sportskeeda)

In October 2022, Dream was hit with grooming allegations, which led to him and his friends getting harassed, like Tubbo.

The initial allegations led to several Minecraft streamers being harassed for not “canceling Dream” or ceasing contact with him. While the allegations are still being discussed, it has not stopped people from blaming his friends.

Twitter user “mcytvibes” took to social media to discuss this in a thread. The user would highlight that several popular Minecraft content creators could have easily stopped associating with Dream.

Alright i’m not staying quiet on this. Tubbo could drop dream, but he hasn’t.George and Sapnap could easily move out. But they haven’t. Tommy could drop Dream, but hasn’t. No one has dropped Dream. There’s a reason why and if you can’t realise that then drop them.

Social media responds to recent harassment of Minecraft streamers like Tubbo amid Dream allegations

In October 2022, Minecraft superstar Dream was accused of grooming and pedophilia. The accusations included a variety of screenshots and alleged evidence, which can be seen here.

Though the streamer admitted that some screenshots in the post were authentic, he refuted the claims that he was a pedophile and that he was grooming younger members of his fanbase. This has led to a significant backlash towards the streamer and harassment of other content creators like Tubbo.

@ballfondler1984 My point isn’t me saying ‘he can’t be guilty’ it’s saying they aren’t going to drop him and their fans can’t change that and need to stop harassing people like Tubbo infront of thousands of people as it’s just triggering.

In the social media thread, the Twitter user highlighted that content creators like Tubbo, George, and Sapnap could have easily stopped associating with Dream but chose not to; however, they clarified in a later post that they aren't saying the streamer is innocent of the grooming allegations.

They were, however, saying that no matter what, those people aren’t dropping the Minecraft content creator. Harassing people like Tubbo during a live stream won't change anything.

@mcytvibes I’m going to be honest what that person just did to Tubbo is rude and disrespectful to put him on the spot there has to be proof behind these things, we just saw what happened when there’s not two sides of the story and so many ppl who have came out backed out and said it was
@mcytvibes how can people force him into taking a stance in this? if they r so mad its just better to not watch him or sum bc their ‘behaviour’ isnt helping and changing anything

Some would speak out about how the targeted harassment against Minecraft streamers was uncalled for and would also state that they felt many of the people who accused Dream backed out, so they only did it to be attention seekers.

Others would say that publicly forcing a streamer to take a side in a situation like this wasn’t helping anything.

@mcytvibes I have been in this fandom a long time! I have seen this kind of thing come and go so many times! All of them have been proven fake or they disappear after saying those things! Just like the last one did! As a victim myself, I listened but when she started changing her story +
@mcytvibes I was done! Like I have said before! NOBODY even knows if charges were filed since she poofed! So people keep asking for something that might not even be there! Dream nor Tubbo owes anyone on here anything honestly! If it is a court matter then it needs to stay there!
@lunaslady1 @mcytvibes This! People are so quick to forget that literal victims are screaming in they're faces that something is amiss with her and yet because they hate Dream they act deaf. Because they don't see as grooming as a crime and instead a cancellation they could use against you in an-

Some on Twitter would state that, as victims themselves, they have previously heard accusations against the Minecraft content creator, but when stories began changing, they tuned it all out.

According to them, if it’s a matter of court of law, it should stay there and off social media. Some on social media pointed out that people hate Dream, so they use this as an excuse to dogpile on him. This thread ultimately began as a response to Tubbo being harassed during a Twitch stream.

Tubbo responds to a donation that harasses him mid-subathon

“Will you address speaking/about Green Guy positively after promising you’d look into the abuse situation, and that you believed the victims? This comes across like you said everything you could to get us off your back and that you don’t believe what you said at all.”

During the streamer's subathon, he was asked, via donation, about the allegations. The content creator stated that any response he gives wouldn’t be enough. No matter what he said, someone would harass him for it.

“Dono, Imma be real. I can’t really respond to that because no matter what I say to that dono, people are gonna be very mad at me. And like, there’s, there’s nothing I can say to that bro. It’s actually nothing I can say. Like I’m backed into a corner. It’s just like, there’s literally nothing I can do about that, man. There’s nothing I can do to not get in s**t for something. So like, what do I do now, man?”
@nanaminesakuras idk why people want a teenager (also on his 17th day of a streaming subathon) to decide upon and speak on heavy topics which are also, stressing on this fact, being handled LEGALLY rn.
@nanaminesakuras To the people who want Tubbo to stop interacting with Dream I have a genuine question because I want to understand your point of view.Shouldn't he also stop hanging out with Tommy, George, Sapnap, Quackity, Hannah and whoever interacted with dream in the past days?
@nanaminesakuras Why do you guys push streamers/popular ccs into a corner to talk about a situation that they have nothing to do with. If he doesn't want to speak on it, he doesn't have to. Lord knows I wouldn't want to talk about something like that, especially when it involves a friend. /gen
@nanaminesakuras Also, just completely ignoring that this is apparently an ONGOING legal situation and it's best legally for him to not talk about it.

This took place on day 17 of a subathon, on a topic that Tubbo has nothing to do with. The allegations were about Dream, and so many fans are upset that the other Minecraft streamers are being harassed about this.

Unfortunately, the harassment of streamers like Tubbo will likely not cease at this moment. The discussion of Dream’s allegations is an ongoing topic, and since no definitive answer has been given by a court of law, social media will continue to discuss it.

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