Is Abandoned the biggest video game scandal of 2022? Reports indicate that the project might not exist at all

There are some serious doubts about the upcoming game (Image via Blue Box)
There are some serious doubts about the upcoming game (Image via Blue Box)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Abandoned seems to be moving towards an unwanted list that includes all the video game scandals over the years. When the game was announced, there was an incredible amount of hype. However, a Gamespot investigation has revealed that there might not be any game. What has come as a revelation is that Blue Box Games Studios is not developing any game at all.


There has been skepticism about the game for a long time as the developers have been sketchy with their messages. The recent investigation has revealed information from a privately-run Discord server.

Managed by Hasan Kahraman, the server communicates with a small selection of fans. Based on the accounts from those same people, it could well be the fact that there might not be a game at all. It raises great questions for Abandoned and its developers about what they were trying to do in the first place.

Abandoned has the potential to become a major scandal in the world of video games

According to the report, the biggest doubt raised at this point is over the existence of the game. Fans aren't sure if Abandoned exists at all or if it was a poor marketing effort. Based on interviews with the same fans, there's no hard evidence of the game's existence or work being done on it.

People who asked to be shown screenshots and work of the game had to sign NDAs. Some of Gamespot's interviewers disclosed details based on a promise of anonymity. To make matters worse, demanding more proof would usually result in a user getting banned from the server.

I know a lot of people are rightfully, smugly saying “I knew Abandoned was a scam from the start” but none of us can say we expected it to be a weird attention seeking venture to allegedly convince kids into playing Rainbow Six Siege with a lonely, incapable game developer.

According to the interviewees, Kahraman often over-delivered on promises but under-delivered on actual content. He claimed to be working hard on the game, but it became apparent that Abandoned might be more of a myth as time went on.

Kahraman had promised there would also be paid gigs for the fans, but those have been empty assurances. Despite his claims, Kahraman would often promise things but go back on them later, including things like gameplay reveal that never happened in the first place.

To make matters worse, there might be a case that Abandoned hasn't even been greenlit. Kahraman has told fans that he would first need funds to create a prologue for the game. Fans, however, have failed to see the appetite from Kahraman to resolve the issue.


There are also additional problems that were present in the report. For example, there's no surety as to how many people are working on the game. Several question marks were always there about the project, and there have been similar reports in the past.

However, the current investigation has blown off the earlier cover on Abandoned. Only the future will tell how much these fans were misled in the name of an ambitious project.

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