Is IShowSpeed safe? Twitter concerned after streamer's video shows him lighting fireworks inside his room

Fans share concern after IShowSpeed's reckless behaviour (Image via Live Speedy/YouTube)
Fans share concern after IShowSpeed's reckless behaviour (Image via Live Speedy/YouTube)

In the latest stream uploaded to YouTube, IShowSpeed foolishly attempted to light up a firecracker in his bedroom, which resulted in smoke and chaos. His viewers, although they initially found the entire clip to be amusing and comical, soon turned their attention to the streamer's well-being.

The stream ended abruptly due to the ignition of fireworks in his room. The entire fiasco resulted in his parents calling the fire department. Fans have been pouring in with their concerns over social media.


IShowSpeed ignites fireworks inside his room

The streamer is infamously known for his reckless and brazen behavior. A couple of such instances include him fighting in a public place and calling the police on his brother.

While celebrating the 4th of July in a stream, the streamer had the opportunity to interact with KSI over Face Time, where the duo discussed a potential charity match featuring the streamer.

However, the situation soon went southwards when the 19-year-old proceeded to take out a carton full of firecrackers in his room. Picking out a Pikachiu-shaped firework, the young YouTuber decided to light it up inside his room.

Once the excitement turned to horror upon realizing the mistake, he quickly called his mother, who appeared to have been berating the 19-year-old streamer for his reckless act. As the stream continued, he frantically explained to his mother:

"I didn't know. I didn't know. I thought it was the popping ones, maa."

Since the incident, IShowSpeed has given a solitary update on his Twitter, asking his viewers to pray for him. However, due to severe backlash and criticism for the dangerous behavior, the 19-year-old decided to take it down.

Fans react to the streamer's fireworks mishap

Fans added their thoughts regarding the entire fiasco by trolling the streamer. Most of his viewers initially thought that he was just acting for the sake of the stream. However, they soon realized that the whole scenario was more serious than it first appeared.

While the stream was on, his family even called in support from the fire department to monitor the situation. Here's what fans had to say:

Fans have also shared their views on Twitter. KSI, with whom the streamer even had a conversation prior to the incident, shared a tweet.

Since the deleted tweet, IShowSpeed has not given any further updates regarding his health and safety. He also removed his profile picture from Instagram in a cryptic gesture.