“Hope him and his mum are ok”: KSI worried as IShowSpeed lights fireworks inside his house

KSI is worried about IShowSpeed (Images via KSI and Speed/Twitter)
KSI is worried about IShowSpeed (Images via KSI and Speed/Twitter)

YouTube content creator Darren "IShowSpeed" made headlines earlier today after lighting fireworks indoors and almost starting a fire.

The YouTube streamer hosted a special one-hour livestream on July 4 and got on a call with famous British YouTuber Olajide "KSI." To celebrate Independence Day, Darren decided to let off some firecrackers inside his room.

Things took a turn for the worse after the Pikachu-themed firecracker he set on fire went berserk and filled the room with sparks and smoke. The stream then came to an abrupt end, with firefighters responding to the situation.

KSI took to Twitter to express his concern and hoped that the content creator and his mother were not hurt.

Social media reacts to IShowSpeed lighting fireworks indoors

KSI's update on the social media platform was a viral hit and garnered 170k likes and 1.7k replies. However, several fans were unaware of IShowSpeed's recent shenanigans and wanted more context.

Twitter user Imx (@Im___x) claimed that Darren's recent fireworks encounter could be illegal because of his age:

Some users were not fascinated by the antics:

Fans shared clips showing firefighters responding to the dangerous situation:

Twitter users grabbed the opportunity to post some light-hearted comments:

Apart from Twitter, IShowSpeed's clip was a trending post on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail and featured more than 880 reactions. Redditors stated that the content creator got lucky since the other firecrackers in the box could have lit up as well and caused severe damage.

Some Redditors discussed the content creator's popularity:

Others took a liking to the Pikachu-themed firecracker:

What happened on IShowSpeed's recent livestream?

Darren hosted a short livestream earlier today to celebrate Independence Day. After taking a look at his Discord server and interacting with KSI, the content creator unboxed a bunch of firecrackers and placed them on his bed.


(Timestamp 45:22)

Viewers in his chat insisted that he take the firecrackers outside to light them. The YouTuber claimed that the fireworks wouldn't be loud and began unwrapping them:

"First one! Let's light the Pikachu one, ya'll! I don't think it's going to be that loud, personally. Oh, s**t. I don't think it's going to be that loud, ya'll. Damn, where the hell did my lighter go?"

IShowSpeed lit up the Pikachu firework, and the situation instantly got out of control. The content creator began to panic after noticing the sparks flying across the room.

A few moments after the cracker went out, the room was filled with smoke and the house's fire alarms were set off. The livestream came to an end when firefighters arrived at the scene seven minutes after the incident took place.

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