"I thought it was popping ones, maa" - IShowSpeed freaks out after lighting fireworks indoors, luckily avoids major fire

The internet personality almost burned his house down live on stream (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)
The internet personality almost burned his house down live on stream (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)

Darren "IShowSpeed" has consistently risen in the YouTube ranks over the past couple of months and recently crossed the 9 million subscribers mark. His over-the-top reactions and controversial statements have put him in the limelight, garnering a big following.

On his July 4 stream, the Ohio native even got on a call with KSI, but his stream ended on a sour note. Towards the end, he opened a large box of fireworks and lit one inside the room atop his bed, despite some in chat asking him to go outside.

Fortunately, the fire did not spread to the other crackers left on the bed.


IShowSpeed almost starts fire by lighting fireworks inside room

The controversial streamer has had a meteoric rise to fame, evidenced by the fact that almost 140,000 concurrent viewers were watching today's stream. After talking to KSI, the online star showed the audience a big box of fireworks on his bed.

"Chat, we are about to light these fireworks. Right now. Ya'll see these bad boys? Are ya'll ready to light these fireworks!"

As he started unpacking the fireworks, a Pikachu cracker caught his eye. The chat had been asking him to go outside, but he did not seem to mind.

"I got a lot of fireworks right now. Let's light the Pikachu one, ya'll. I don't think it's gonna be that loud, personally."

(Timestamp 46:10)

IShowSpeed made the fatal mistake of lighting the Pikachu fireworks. The way it started burning immediately spelled disaster.

"Alright! Pikachu!"

The content creator instantly recoiled as the wick gave off sparkles, and mind you, he was naked waist up. It's not a good position when a firecracker goes off in a closed space.

He speed jumped to his feet and started running around screaming for his mother. The firecracker had gimmicks and stages with patterns of fiery sparkles coming from different directions.

"Mom! Mom! No! Stop! Oh s**t!"

After a point, it even flew off camera. All the while, the YouTuber kept calling after his mother and freaking out. The fire even got dangerously close to the rest of the crackers in the box.

It died down after a while, filling the room with smoke as his mother came and started scolding him for starting a fire. He defended himself by saying:

"I didn't know. I didn't know. I thought it was the popping ones, maa."

Reactions to clip

Many in the chat had warned him of not doing anything like it inside the house. The mods even started calling him dumb after he lit the fuse of the Pikachu cracker.

Chat asking the streamer not to light it inside (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)
Chat asking the streamer not to light it inside (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)
Chat after the fireworks died (Image from IShowSpeed/YouTbe)
Chat after the fireworks died (Image from IShowSpeed/YouTbe)

The Live Stream Fail subreddit had a field day with the clip, with most people calling out the mindless decision. Many pointed out how lucky IShowSpeed was not to have started a major fire, especially with a box of fireworks lying next to the one he lit.

Before the stream ended, firefighters showed up to check up on the situation. Assuming their professional expertise, it is safe to say that IShowSpeed's room is secure from further fire damage. For now.

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