IShowSpeed wins the Breakout Streamer award in Streamy Awards 2022

IShowSpeed wins his first Streamy Awards (Image via Sportskeeda)
IShowSpeed wins his first Streamy Awards (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of YouTube's biggest names, Darren "IShowSpeed" has been announced as the winner of the Breakout Streamer category in the latest edition of the Streamy Awards. The event, which returned on December 4 for the 12th time since its inauguration in 2009, saw a group of several notable creators and streamers under one roof.

IShowSpeed was announced as the recipient of the Breakout Streamer Award for his exploits over the past 12 months. From January to December, the young streamer managed to garner over 10 million subscribers, making him among the fastest-growing creators on the platform.

Darren was among five names nominated for the award mentioned above. The others were Emiru, Kai Cenat, kkatamina, and QTCinderella.

IShowSpeed wins his first big streaming award, fans react

It seems IShowSpeed has successfully cracked the code for streaming on YouTube. Despite having gaps between his streams these days, his broadcasts usually end up attracting tens of thousands of people.

One of his recent streams, which involved a watch party for the World Cup match between Portugal and Ghana, saw over 108K concurrent viewers.

Recognizing his contributions, the Streamy Awards 2022 decided to award him with the Breakout Streamer accolade. Unfortunately, for the audience, the creator was not present at the time of the award ceremony to collect the trophy in person.

Darren himself is yet to respond to winning the award on social media. One of his fan update accounts revealed that the streamer was due to travel at the time of the Streamy event.

Nonetheless, fans showered a host of reactions to his latest win, with most of the comments recognizing his accomplishment. Here are some of the notable reactions:

Who were the other notable victors?

The Streamy Awards 2022 saw recognized figures in the streaming community bag several awards. Among the notable ones included the Streamer of the Year Award, which was given to Kai Cenat.

Jimmy "MrBeast" won the Creator of the Year and Felix "xQc" bagged the award for the Just Chatting category. Ludwig, who shifted to YouTube about a year ago, managed to win the Variety Streamer of the Year.

In terms of gaming, Tarik, a professional CS:GO player, took home the trophy for Competitive Gamer. Meanwhile, The Gamer award was given to Markiplier.

To read the entire list of winners, click here.

Although IShowSpeed was not present in the arena, the trophy is expected to be sent to his place of residence. Fans will be hoping to see it at some point in his broadcasts.

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