"It’s gonna be insane": MrBeast announces largest game show in history named Beast Games in association with Prime Video

MrBeast confirms game show in assocition with Amazon (Image Prime Video, Colin and Samir/YouTube)
MrBeast confirms game show in assocition with Amazon (Image Prime Video, Colin and Samir/YouTube)

Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his YouTube alias MrBeast, has announced that he is working on "the largest game show in history" in association with Prime Video. In a recent post on X, the content king revealed that the upcoming show will feature over a thousand participants, a winning prize of $5,000,000, complete with some world record attempts.

Jimmy revealed the show's name in a recent podcast episode of Colin and Samir as 'Beast Games' and discussed how excited he is to produce and make a show with Amazon. MrBeast has started hyping up the show quite well, calling it "insane", and stated that more information about it would be revealed throughout the year:

"Big news gamers I’m going to be filming the largest game show in history and releasing it on Prime Video! Over 1,000 contestants, $5,000,000 prize, and many other world records.. I’ll reveal more later this year but let’s just say, it’s gonna be an insane show :D"

"Our normal videos but 20 times better": MrBeast talks about his upcoming Amazon Game Show on Prime Video

The news that MrBeast had partnered up with Amazon to make a game show surfaced a few months ago, and mere rumors had fans frothing at the mouth. After all, MrBeast is known for hosting shows on his channel, with the highly popular Squid Game video back in 2021 going uber viral.

In the podcast, Donaldson opened up more about the upcoming project, revealing the name and also claiming that it will be significantly bigger than the Squid Game video:

"Beast Games, I think that fits it perfectly. It's going to be the largest game show in history with the most contestants any game show has ever had with the largest cash prize in history"

MrBeast said that the show has already been written, and described it as "mind-blowing." He also hinted that there will be an overarching episodic narrative to the show, expressing his wish to not spoil it for the participants:

"We have it written now is mind-blowing. The problem is if I say anything about a particular episode it could give a contestant that hears it a little bit of insight. It's like our normal videos but just 20 times better because obviously, I mean I don't know if that number you read is accurate or not, but I have a bigger budget so money's not a constraint"

MrBeast also insinuated that he was expanding his studios in time to shoot the second season of Beast Games while talking about the filming of the show, meaning the YouTuber has high hopes for the Prime Video show:

"We're building an expansion on the back is uh two times bigger so that won't be done in time for this but when we do season two I will have a lot of space"

While not giving away the exact date, Donaldson announced that he is planning on releasing a portion of the first episode on his main YouTube channel, giving fans a glimpse of what Beast Games will be all about before they have to pay for a Prime Video subscription.

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