"Ja Morant just tuned in" - Fans react after Kai Cenat accidentally shows a gun on his livestream

Kai Cenat accidentally shows his gun on stream (Image via Twitch)
Kai Cenat accidentally shows his gun on stream (Image via Twitch)

Earlier today (June 25), popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat accidentally revealed a gun during his live stream. While filming with his phone, he turned the camera towards his desk, inadvertently exposing the firearm on the table. However, he promptly removed it from the camera's view, drawing more attention to its presence.

The unexpected occurrence in the clip caught many of Kai Cenat's fans off guard. One user responded to the situation humorously, suggesting that Ja Morant would be interested in tuning in to watch the stream (the athlete was recently suspended for flashing a gun on his social media). The user wrote:

"Ja Morant just tuned in."

Will Kai Cenat face any trouble for showing a gun on stream?

During his most recent live broadcast, Kai Cenat accidentally showcased his gun. In fact, Kai had over 10K viewers on Twitch at the time, and the clip in question garnered over 7.7K views at the time of writing. Here is the clip:

Fans were curious whether displaying a gun on Twitch could lead to a ban. The simple answer would be "no." It is, in fact, not against Twitch's rules as long as the firearm is legally owned/licensed and is not being exhibited in a threatening or reckless manner. Here's what Twitch's Community Guidelines say:

"Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited."

In Kai's case, the firearm was only briefly visible for a few seconds and visibly secured in a holster. This indicates that the situation was not threatening in any way. Based on these factors, it is expected that Kai will not encounter any issues from Twitch as a result of this incident.

What did the streaming community say?

The clip was quickly shared on the popular subreddit r/LivestreamFail and has already generated numerous comments. Interestingly, most commenters seem to understand that Kai Cenat was not violating any laws and that it was simply an unintentional slip on his part. Here are some of the notable comments:

This is not the first time a streamer has been observed with a firearm. In October 2022, there were reports that a Twitch streamer named MattDamnit shot an intruder while he was live streaming. Read about the story by clicking here.

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