“Just click the start stream” - Kai Cenat reveals how IShowSpeed helped him in streaming, calls him a “genius”

Kai Cenat reveals IShowSpeed
Kai Cenat reveals IShowSpeed's motivating words (image via YouTube)

Popular Twitch streamer and AMP House member Kai Cenat took to his live stream to reveal that fellow streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" greatly inspired him to stream. For those unaware, IShowSpeed recently collaborated with Kai on a live stream uploaded to the former's channel.

Despite being banned, IShowSpeed also snuck into Kai's Twitch stream later that day (by concealing himself in a costume).

Speaking about IShowSpeed's motivating words, Kai revealed that the latter suggested he should not put unnecessary thought into every stream. By his own admission, Kai used to overthink each situation. However, he stated that Darren simply invited him to:

"Just click the start stream”
UK fan base >>>

Kai Cenat to focus on the UK fan base following IShowSpeed's suggestions

Kai Cenat, who briefly became the most subscribed Twitch streamer recently, took to his stream to reveal that IShowSpeed has been a motivating factor in his life. The 20-year-old mentioned that he wanted everything to be "perfect" in his streams, but Darren suggested that he stop "stressing too much."

Kai said:

"You wanna know what's crazy? Bro, one thing that Speed taught me bro, cause I be wanting all my sh*t to be perfect, like chat, before I go live I want my title to be done, my this be done, I want sh*t to be perfect and in line. One thing that this ni**a taught me was like, 'You be stressing too much'."

Warning: The following clip contains explicit language

(Timestamp: 00:51:20)

He further added:

"And chat, this ni**g is a genius. All my UK ni**as, streams are now gonna be beginning at six o'clock, okay. He does not stream based on US time. He streams based on ther United Kingdom. Like what the f**k! He said, 'Bro, start doing that,' I said, 'Aight, bet.' I said, 'I'mma see bro.' I heard he has a bigger fan base in the UK than the United States. Which is f**king insane."

Kai also shared that IShowSpeed has grown within the UK audience a lot over the past few months due to his keen interest in football.

Fans react to Kai's revelations

Both Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed have managed to build up a large audience over the past year or so. Fans have been crying out for the duo to collaborate for a while now and their wish finally came true earlier this week.

Reacting to Kai's take on Darren, fans said:

Fans spam "W" in the chat (image via Kai Cenat Twitch)
Fans spam "W" in the chat (image via Kai Cenat Twitch)

Kai recently posted a vlog with IShowSpeed. The video is titled Living With SPEED For 24 Hours! and can be found on the former's official YouTube channel.

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