Kick streamers Jack Doherty and HeelMike have been banned after flashing controversy

Jack Doherty and HeelMike were banned from Kick (Image via HeelMike6, Jack Doherty/Instagram)
Jack Doherty and HeelMike were banned from Kick (Image via HeelMike6, Jack Doherty/Instagram)

Controversial livestreamers Jack Doherty and Michael "HeelMike" are among the people who have been banned from Kick after their content featured women flashing their brea*ts. The former was involved in two incidents, while the latter was part of one.

The clips for all three instances went viral on social media platforms recently, such as X (formerly Twitter), garnering a lot of backlash from viewers who derided the content creators for showcasing such content on their broadcasts.

Adult material on mainstream livestreaming platforms has been a touchy topic after Twitch made several drastic changes to its se*ual content policy in December. However, Kick has also been enforcing a strict ban on explicit content since coming out with moderation rules last year, banning certain apparel and dances or actions such as twerking.

While the cause for banning the two streamers has not been officially released, many have connected the dots and have blamed the flashing incidents for the suspensions.

"Uncommon Kick W": Social media reacts to Jack Doherty and Heelmike's ban

On January 5, 2023, the first clip of Jack daring Rumble streamer Sneako's former girlfriend XenaTheWitcher to flash the camera went viral on social media. After that, another video from a seemingly more recent stream with Doherty sitting in a car and getting flashed by her started circulating on X on January 6.

HeelMike is also an IRL streamer on Kick known for his high-charged and chaotic IRL content. He caught a ban back in October after a full-fledged brawl had broken out on camera between some creators. He was in one of the streams with Jack Doherty, where Xena flashed them. And this is believed to be the reason he was suspended.

Viewers had quite a reaction to the news of the various bans, with many criticizing the content creators and calling on the streaming platform to make the bans permanent. Here are a couple of general comments from X about the incident.

HeelMike has confirmed that the penalty will not last for long, stating that they will be back at 9 pm EST. This has not gone down with some.

Jack Doherty has been fielding a lot of controversial allegations in the last couple of weeks, from accusations of using bots to inflate viewer count to a more recent one, where Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds claimed he bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Christmas gifts to avoid paying tax.