"Winner of fight takes all" - KSI challenges Jake Paul to final boxing match, fans react

KSI and Jake Paul have upped their feud recently (Image via Sportskeeda)
KSI and Jake Paul have upped their feud recently (Image via Sportskeeda)

Internet personalities JJ "KSI" and Jake Paul have been at each other over the past 48 hours on Twitter. With both YouTubers' fights getting canceled in their respective events, the duo took to social media to exchange verbal blows.

However, there has been a recent update on the beef after KSI tweeted out a jaw-dropping offer to the former Team 10 member.

JJ has previously been vocal about their possible fight being in a large stadium. In his tweet, he proposed to fight Jake in none other than Wembley Stadium, which has a capacity of over 90K.

KSI gives Jake Paul ultimatum over beef

The 29-year-old has been engaged in a full-blown online scuffle with Jake Paul since the weekend. For context, it all started when JJ took shots against Jake for being unable to sell out his now canceled fight.

After Alex Wassabi pulled out of his fight with KSI, Jake took this as an opportunity to lash out against the Englishman.

Jake was seen offering to fight JJ in his weight category and even for free. However, the latter found a replacement for his canceled fight and is expected to take on fellow musician Swarmz.

Jake has been all over the situation with him, pressing his colleague to fight him. JJ did not budge until earlier today when he finally responded by offering Jake to fight sometime next year at one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.

It remains to be seen what stance Jake's older brother Logan Paul will take over the entire situation, considering he has business affiliations with the Sidemen member. He is yet to break his silence over the fiasco.

Fans react to huge drama between two YouTubers

Jake Paul is yet to respond to the offer put down on the table by Prime's co-owner. However, it has put fans in a frenzy.

Viewers have been waiting for the duo to fight since JJ defeated Logan Paul in 2019. Here are some tweets shared in reaction to the proposal:

With Jake's event being canceled, KSI v Swarmz at the O2 Arena later this month is the only YouTube boxing event happening.

Fans are waiting in anticipation of Jake's response to the challenge. The American had previously stated he would take on the British YouTuber for free.

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