KSI wants to "livestream" contract negotiation with long-time rival Jake Paul, fans react

KSI wants to live stream contract talks (Image via Sportskeeda)
KSI wants to livestream contract negotation. (Image via Sportskeeda)

JJ "KSI," the popular British YouTuber and boxer, has agreed to "livestream" the contract negotiations for a potential fight against his long-time online rival Jake Paul.

The tweet, posted yesterday, March 19, was in response to his manager, @MamsTaylor on Twitter. The latter suggested in a straightforward tweet that the two parties sit in a room and only leave when they have come to an agreement regarding their boxing match. JJ, who was open to the idea, wrote:

"Let’s do it"

KSI and Jake Paul contract negotiations could be public, suggests MamsTaylor on Twitter

Mams Taylor, one of the anchors of KSI's boxing career, made it clear earlier that his client was open to taking the fight against Jake Paul. However, despite being in talks for the past couple of years or so, JJ and Jake are yet to come to any conclusive agreement.

Prior to the tweet where Mams hinted at a possible livestream of their contract discussion, he had stated that if Jake were to fight anyone else but Tommy Fury, against whom Jake recently lost and has a rematch clause, he would be "ducking" JJ. He wrote:

"If Jake fights anyone but Tommy Fury next, then you can’t tell me he’s not ducking JJ! 100 F*cking percent!!"

The UK-based YouTuber resonated with the above idea, hinting that his match with Jake is the only other alternative in case the fight against Tommy Fury doesn't come to fruition. He wrote:

"If Jake Paul fights someone else instead of Tommy Fury, he’s officially ducking me."

Despite JJ's string of tweets taking shots at Jake Paul, the latter and his camp are yet to make any official statements regarding the situation.

Here's what the internet said

The rivalry between the two content creators has been among the most well-documented within the online community. Reacting to Mams Taylor and KSI's recent tweets, fans wrote:

KSI currently co-owns Misfits Boxing, a crossover boxing promotion founded by the YouTuber and run by Mams Taylor, Kalle, and Nisse Sauerland. Misfits has already organized five successful events, with at least eight more scheduled for the remainder of the year. Whether Jake and JJ will feature in one of the upcoming Misfits cards remains to be seen.

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