KSI's Misfits Boxing to stage 'Tag Team Boxing Match' next month

Boxing in London - KSI v FaZe Temper
KSI's Misfits Boxing held their most recent event last month.

KSI's Misfits Boxing promotion will be making history next month in the U.K.

'The Nightmare' founded the upstart boxing promotion last year to promote his return to the ring. The inaugural show saw the Brit knock out two opponents (Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda) in one night.

While the promotion was initially slated to focus on the British YouTube star, they've since accumulated a solid fanbase. With names such as Salt Papi getting praise from Eddie Hearn, they've won over many hardcore fans as well. The promotion even got a five-year extension from DAZN last month.

Next month, Misfits Boxing will be making history with their first-ever tag-team boxing match. As of now, the rules of the fight aren't entirely clear. However, the fight will see Luis Alcaraz Pineda and BDave take on Stromedy and Austin Sprinz.

The card itself is slated to go down at the Telford International Center in the U.K. next month. The event will be broadcast in its entirety by DAZN and will be headlined by a clash between Jay Swingler and Nichlmao.

See the announcement from Misfits Boxing below:

KSI's manager Mams Taylor discusses the tag team match

KSI's manager and one of the key figures in Misfits Boxing, Mams Taylor, believes the tag team match will win over critics.

Since the beginning of crossover boxing, it's been criticized by more hardcore fans of the sport. It's hard to blame them entirely, as there have been some massive failures involving YouTubers in boxing.

Misfits Boxing has received the same greeting from the audience. While some, including Eddie Hearn, have praised the product, there are many critics of influencers invading combat sports.

Following the announcement of the tag team boxing match slated for next month, the promotion was again criticized. While Mams Taylor understands that talk, he doesn't agree with it.

In a recent interview on Misfits Boxing's YouTube channel, the manager of KSI discussed the recent fight announcement. He stated there that although some fans might not like the experiment, they're there to stay. Taylor also stated that entertainment is the main focus of Misfits, not just sports.

In the interview he stated:

"This is the thing: People will hate on it, people will love it, people will understand it. But at the end of the day this is what Misfits is about. We've got serious competition in there, but we also have fun. We have antics, we have sports entertainment. That's what we're about, get used to it."

See his comments below:

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