Lachlan takes interaction in Fortnite streams to a whole other level 

Image via PWR Lachlan
Image via PWR Lachlan
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

The interaction between a Fortnite streamers' facecam and their gameplay was purely cosmetic, but Lachlan, with the help of the designers at Visuals by Impulse, has taken a big step to make his entire streaming process a real part of the gameplay of Fortnite.

In a tweet by PWR Lachlan, Lachlan showed his new background graphic effects by giving himself shield and health and purposefully causing damage to himself. This kind of interaction with the gameplay is normally done in pre-recorded videos, where edits are added later, but this will be real time and in live streams.

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Interaction built into streaming background

When viewers watch Lachlan's streams and he takes damage, his background will change with the current health he has. There are visual effects that pop into his background with each hit to his health or loss of shield and a more positive effect as he gains health and shield.

He starts his game with the greenest background because of his full health and his background will become more red as his health bar lowers. His shield is represented by the borders of his background, becoming more blue as his shield goes up.

When Lachlan has a full shield and full health, his shield color will take over the background color as well, making the entire background blue, while adding an electric effect around the borders.

This has given Lachlan's streams a lot more interaction with the game he is playing, and now, viewers don't need to look away from his commentary to see his health bar. There is a shield break effect, a full shield effect, a damage effect, and a health gain effect which directly reflects the situation that Lachlan finds himself in.

In his full video, the effect happens as quickly as he takes any kind of damage, being in the storm caused an immediate change in his background and health bar at the same time.

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The creators of this new background interaction

Visuals by Impulse make graphics that add interaction for streamers and content creators alike. Their work for Lachlan adds far more interaction than they had worked on before. His new streaming graphic is custom made, and most likely cost far more than what they normally advertise.

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