"Live on Kick": Ninja officially starts streaming on Kick after Twitch changes simulcasting policy

Ninja starts streaming on Kick after Twitch
Ninja starts streaming on Kick after Twitch's new simulcast policy restrictions (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tyler "Ninja" has become the first big casualty of Twitch's new simulcasting policy after officially joining Kick to stream Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3. For people unaware, Amazon's purple platform has been under fire for a couple of days after introducing new guidelines pertaining to multi-streaming and branded content. As such, many prominent streamers have spoken out against the new rules.

They've stated that the new guidelines would restrict the growth and ability of creators to monetize their content. This backlash has worked to some extent, as Twitch repealed some of its branded sponsorship policies. However, its multi-streaming rules remain intact.

Ninja had previously called out Twitch for implementing such restrictive guidelines. Today, June 9, he started a new Kick account. He tweeted the following to announce the change:

"Live on Kick and YouTube today."

Why is Twitch veteran Ninja making the move to Kick? Simulcasting policy explored

Twitch appeared to be giving streamers more autonomy last year when this platform repealed its exclusivity contract for partners back in August 2022. This decision was welcomed by most content creators, as it allowed them to stream on other platforms, but there was a catch. Partners and affiliates could not simulcast on Twitch-like platforms such as YouTube and would have to go offline to do it.

However, this policy allowed non-partnered streamers to multi-stream, and Tyler was the first major creator to take advantage of this. In September, he announced that he would be "live everywhere" and, up until now, has been simulcasting on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

That was until Twitch changed its simulcasting policy, prohibiting all streamers — regardless of their partner status — from multi-streaming simultaneously on other major streaming platforms such as YouTube and Kick.

Ninja himself had been highly critical of this decision in his first stream after Twitch's new guidelines were announced. Now, he has an account on Kick for streaming Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3.

Twitter reactions

The new policy changes have left a sour taste in most people's mouths, and Ninja's fans more or less loved that he'd joined Kick. Here are some reactions:

Tyler has been vocally positive about his opinions regarding Kick for some time now. He's compared it to Mixer and discussed the potential this Stake-owned platform has in his past streams.

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