"Who the f**k wants those people around?": Malena Tudi takes a dig at Adin Ross' viewers

Malena Tudi talks about Adin Ross and his viewers on stream (Images via Malena Tudi and Adin Ross/Twitter)
Malena Tudi talks about Adin Ross and his viewers on stream (Images via Malena Tudi and Adin Ross/Twitter)

Malena Tudi, a Twitch streamer and content creator, had some sharp words for Adin Ross and his audience. As she was streaming with her partner Nick “Nmplol” and looking at the nominations for the upcoming The Streamer Awards, a viewer’s message in the form of a donation asked her for their opinion regarding the YouTuber and streamer Adin Ross.

In an unexpected manner, Malena took a shot against Adin Ross and his loyal audience by saying:

“Who the f**k wants those people around?”

Malena Tudi answers a viewer's message asking for opinion about Adin Ross

Nick and Malena were streaming together as usual and were reacting to content sent to him by the viewers in their Twitch chat. After about two hours in, they opened up the nomination voting page for the upcoming streamer award show The Streamer Awards which was being hosted by QTCinderella.

They were viewing and voting for various categories and they opened up the “Best Variety Streamer." Valkyrae, Ludwig, Disguised Toast and Moistcritical were nominated for the said category.

Soon after voting for Ludwig in the respected category, the duo received a $5 donation from a viewer named Poppinsesame, which was read out by the streamer's system:

“Adin Ross isn't listed anywhere. He has literally bought an entirely new audience to Twitch. Sham.”

In response towards the viewer's donation, Malena harshly mentioned that no one on Twitch wanted Adin Ross’ viewers around. She continued her statement by saying:

“All they do is just spam bulls**t. They spam W’s (winners) and L’s (losers) and s**t dude!”

Nick, meanwhile, laughed in the background while listening to what Malena had to say. The Nordic streamer continued her statement:

“Are you f***ing kidding me? New audience? He’s just spams a whole bunch of box dude.”

Nick then interrupted his girlfriend’s rant and said:

“Adin Ross is actually a really nice guy.”

Malena then jumped back in and concluded by saying:

“Adin Ross is nice but his viewers, with the fucking W’s. Shut the f**k up.”

She immediately took a U-Turn with her statements and mentioned that it was all a joke and pleaded with Adin’s viewers not to come after her.

The streamer couple then moved on from this topic and continued to vote for the remaining six categories.

Fans react to Malena’s statements regarding Adin Ross and his viewers

Fans and audiences on Reddit did not seem to side with Malena. They mentioned how her viewers too spam the same W’s and L’s in her chat.

Malena Tudi is a 25 year old Norwegian streamer and content creator. She’s closely associated with one of the most famous streamers on the platform, Chance “Sodapoppin.” She was one of the main moderators for Sodapoppin’s Twitch chat.

She does not regularly stream on her personal channel but is followed by a massive 136k followers. She has streamed for a total of 299 hours on her channel ever since it was created back in September 2017.