The Streamer Awards to be hosted by QTCinderella and Maya, full list of award categories revealed

First few details on the Streamer Awards have been released (Image via QTCindrella/Twitter)
First few details on the Streamer Awards have been released (Image via QTCindrella/Twitter)

QTCindrella took to Twitter to announce the much-awaited 'The Streamer Awards.' With the announcement having gone live moments ago, the streaming community is already abuzz with excitement.

Nominations are currently open for all streamer award categories and fans can click here to help their favorite creators get in the running. The announcement was made via QTCindrella's official Twitter account.

THE BIGGEST AWARD SHOW IN STREAMING HISTORY hosted by myself and @mayahiga6 Coming at you live from Hollywood March 12th. Nominations start NOW!

The Streamer Awards 2022: All you need to know


The ceremony will be co-hosted by QTCindrella herself, along with Maya Higa, her fellow Twitch celeb. The TSM FTX creator will be hosting this in-person red carpet event, which will be livestreamed straight from Hollywood. The stream will be available to watch on QTCindrella's Twitch channel.

Also don’t worry we are still taking covid very seriously. All guests will be tested at the door and if they test positive their ENTIRE party has to leave.

She has also confirmed that all COVID-19 precautions will be thoroughly enforced, with COVID tests being handed out before entry. All positive cases will be forced to leave the premises along with their entire party.

Streamer friends expect an invite in the next week days! (If I haven’t sent one already)

As mentioned earlier, nominations are now open and will stay open until February 13, exactly one month before the event. The website specifically mentioned that only "appropriate nominations will be considered."

This means that fans are advised to nominate their favorite creators in the relevant categories.

This has been done to ensure that viewers don't go and spam their favorite creator's name in all categories.

The full list of categories, available on the official website, is attached below:

  • Best battle royale streamer
  • Best role-play streamer
  • Best League of Legends streamer
  • Best FPS streamer
  • Best Just Chatting streamer
  • Best VTuber streamer
  • Best strategy game streamer
  • Best ASMR streamer
  • Best music streamer
  • Best chess streamer
  • Best IRL streamer
  • Best speedrunner
  • Best Super Smash Bros. streamer
  • Best Minecraft streamer
  • Best sports streamer
  • Best MMORPG streamer
  • Best VALORANT streamer
  • Best political streamer
  • Best philanthropic streamer
  • Best variety streamer
  • Best streamed event
  • Stream game of the year
  • Best content organization
  • League of their own
  • Rising star award
  • Legacy award
  • Gamer of the year
  • Streamer of the year

Fans around the world react to the announcement of the Streamer Awards

The streamer community is responding in droves to the announcement tweet with hilarious quips about their award prospects.

@qtcinderella @mayahiga6 This is sick, lemme get an invite, I’ll bring snacks 🙏🏾

Creators and fans alike are excited about 'The Streamer Awards,' as it will not be conducted by an external organization but by members of the community themselves.

@qtcinderella @mayahiga6 this is honestly going to be the best award show in streaming history
@qtcinderella @mayahiga6 QT outsold the Oscars, Emmies, AND Grammies I fear

Fans have already started diving into the nominations and are eagerly awaiting a list of nominees, which will be announced after 10 days. Readers are advised to save the date for the biggest streaming community event of 2022.

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