Minecraft streamer breaks the game after walking 32 million blocks for 2,500 hours

Streamer clips through Minecraft terrain after reaching the edge of the map (Image via Planet Minecraft)
Streamer clips through Minecraft terrain after reaching the edge of the map (Image via Planet Minecraft)
Richik "anarkiddie" Bhattacharya

Minecraft streamer MysticalM*dget has finally reached the World Boundary of his game after running towards the edge for a staggering 2,500 hours. The World Boundary in the sandbox game is the defined edge of the seed and roughly coincides with the 30 millionth block from the center '0,0' co-ordinate.

MysticalM*dget already reached the famed region of the Far Worlds a couple of days ago. In his most recent stream, he finally reached the practical end of the map when his character clipped through the terrain, falling to its death.

MysticalM*dget reaches the end of Minecraft map, achieving his goal of "Falling Through the World"

The journey to the end of the map is not for the faint of heart. Of course, anyone can use the teleport function to instantly reach the end, but only tenacious gamers attempt the daring feat by legitimate means.

Mystical attempted the playthrough in his series called "Falling Through the World," and it took him an average of 10 hours of daily streaming over 420 IRL days to get the job done.

Another popular YouTuber who is attempting a similar run is on the aptly named channel "Far Lands or Bust with KurtJMac" who started the series way back in 2011 and still isn't nearing the end. Technically, Far Lands as a region does not exist after the 1.8 update, but the Boundary Wall still does.

The relatively small streamer MysticalM*dget was intending to break the game, which is why he named the series about falling through the world. Here's what his Twitch bio reads:

"5th person to walk to the Far Lands in Minecraft, now walking to the 32 million block world limit."

As he walked towards his impending death on the edge of the world, millions of blocks away from the center, Minecraft Physics started to glitch out. The Far Worlds in his version contained eerie caves with water flowing from them. With his co-ordinates turned off, the streamer was hoping the game doesn't crash at such a crucial point:

"It's not dropping frames, I am f***ing shitting myself. The game is saying no. The game is saying no."

Gameplay gets quite janky so far towards the edge. Player movement get's restricted as the world starts flickering with the character closing in on the boundary wall. After a brief period of silently walking, Mystical suddenly fell through the ground and cried in excitement. His friends started shouting words of encouragement like:

"That's it. Any moment!"

Another one exclaimed:

"Oh, he made it!"

His achievements were indeed special:

"Give him love. Hype in the chat, come on."

He desperately tried to survive his decreasing health after the 32 millionth block by eating bread, but ultimately died. The first man to reach the Far Lands was KilloCrazyMan and was awarded with a $10,000 donation by Notch, creator of the sandbox game.


Reactions to MysticalM*dget reaching the edge of Minecraft

His fans in the chat were ecstatic as the 420-day journey finally came to an end. Many spammed "I was here" and other encouraging messages as he fell through the ground:

Chat reacting to MysticalM*dget reacihing 32million blocks (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chat reacting to MysticalM*dget reacihing 32million blocks (Image via Sportskeeda)

Some Redditors wondered why anyone would "waste" their time achieving something so mundane, while others recognized the magnitude of the effort put in by the Minecraft streamer:

Reaching the Far Lands by just walking is a huge task to accomplish and MysticalM*dget has worked on it for years. To have seen his reaction as he achieved his goal was a surreal experience. However, it's back to the grind as the Minecrafter already started playing in a different world before ending his stream.

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