Minecraft YouTuber Philza builds memorial for Technoblade in-game

Philza made a statue on Minecraft as a tribute to friend Technoblade (Image from Dream SMP Official/ YouTube))
Philza made a statue on Minecraft as a tribute to friend Technoblade (Image from Dream SMP Official/ YouTube))

The gaming community has been mourning the passing of legendary Minecrafter Technoblade. Friends and fans have expressed their love and admiration for the late streamer by creating fanarts in his memory.

Philza, a fellow Dream SMP member and friend, found a touching way to express his grief and respect for Techno. Phil made a giant statue of a caped sword on his server as a tribute to his late friend.

Philza builds a statue in honor of late friend Technoblade

Phil and Techno were ardent friends on the Dream SMP server. Not only did they play on the same teams and assume similar positions on the server, they were also roommates. Techno even left his in-game will to Phil when he went to see Dream in prison.

After learning of Technoblade's passing, Philza took to Twitch to mourn his friend. In a five-hour long muted stream, Phil built a big statue of a sword with a red cape, reminiscent of Technoblade's iconic look. It was a touching gesture and tribute to his late friend. Phil set the title of the stream to be "distractions."


Before he started building the statue, Phil showed a tweet by Lyn. The tweet is a fanart of Technoblade with a reference to his last video "so long nerds." It is an artistic rendition of Techno's in-game sword and winter dress, and is probably what inspired Phil to make the sword statue.

Thank you for everything Technoblade. Rest well king. ♥️

Phil and Techno's characters in the roleplaying Dream SMP server were quite close. Both were against the in-game government, and Phil helped Techno's anarchist group bring them down. Having fostered a wonderful friendship, Philza respects the Minecraft legend for his morals and skills.

After learning of Techno's death, Phil posted a heartfelt note expressing how he felt about his late friend, calling him the "kindest, funniest, wittiest" and the most selfless person he had ever known:

Alex was the kindest, funniest, wittiest and most giving person I knew… always thinking of others and making people laugh.I just wish we had more time, but I will always cherish the memories we made.We’ll miss you, friend ❤️

Technoblade passed away at the end of June, causing ripples in the gaming community. He revealed back in August 2021 that he had been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Sarcoma. Despite the duress, Techno continued to post videos and stream Minecraft, raising more than $500,000 for cancer research in the process.

His family released a video on July 1, 2022 (June 30 in the Western Hemisphere) where they bid a tearful goodbye to the streamer and read out his last words. Although Philza did not speak at all during his stream, he promised to keep working on making the statue better as his everlasting tribute to Technoblade.

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