MLB The Show 22 patch 1.0.13 official notes: Bug fixes to head-to-head, co-op, Nintendo Switch, and more

MLB The Show 22 patch 1.0.13 official notes (Image via San Diego Studio)
MLB The Show 22 patch 1.0.13 official notes (Image via San Diego Studio)
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MLB The Show 22 is finally receiving an update today. However, the changes that will be hitting the title this time will not exactly be a big one, and patch 1.0.13 will primarily focus on addressing some of the performance-related issues in the game.

The patch has gone live for all the game’s platforms, including the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Patch 1.0.13 will focus on dealing with many lingering bugs plaguing the game. Most of the performance issues have stemmed from the multiplayer portion of the title.

Hence, in the most recent update, San Diego Studio will be looking to make some minor fixes to the co-op, head-to-head, Road to the Show, and other specific updates that will be specifically targeted to the Nintendo Switch version of MLB The Show 22.

Game Update 13 and server restart at 4 AM PT on 8/9/2022.Notes are here:… Please complete all games prior to that time. Thank you.

Apart from the bug fixes, the update will also add some new features like minor league props that will allow players to use the additions in MLB The Show 22’s Stadium Creation mode.

The patch is, therefore, quite small and aims to introduce a set number of minor changes to some of the existing issues in the game.

Players looking for a detailed patch can look up official notes on San Diego Studio’s website.

Overview of MLB The Show 22 patch 1.0.13 official notes


Online Head-to-Head

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a runner to score on a foul ball.


  • Fixed a freeze that could occur in the pre-game menus.

Road to the Show

  • Fixed an issue that could display button inputs in the incorrect order when altering/viewing CBP's Pitch Repertoire in the front-end menus.

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed several freezes when using the on-screen keyboard in co-op games.

Stadium Creator

  • Added 89 new Minor League-themed props. You can find them all if you search for "minorleaguekit" in the Stadium Creator Editor.


  • Frame rate improvements were made to the Field of Dreams stadium.
  • Fixed an audio issue that could cause a pinch hitter to be announced twice.

With the current season of MLB The Show 22 reaching its final month, San Diego Studio has decided to introduce minor changes to the new update instead of implementing extensive updates before next season.

MLB The Show 22 is a baseball video game by San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, based on Major League Baseball.

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