MLB The Show 22: What are network errors and how to fix them?

Solving network errors is must for MLB The Show 22 if players want to play the Diamond Dynasty mode (Image via MLB The Show 22)
Solving network errors is must for MLB The Show 22 if players want to play the Diamond Dynasty mode (Image via MLB The Show 22)

Another year of MLB's annual installment is here, with the release of MLB The Show 22 on April 4. The realistic baseball simulator has been released worldwide.

This year, the franchise made its entry on Nintendo Switch. There are plenty of different modes offering something to every player.

While offline modes offer tons of fun, online modes allow players to be competitive. Unfortunately, the game's online modes aren't free from network errors, which can often result from multiple reasons.


MLB The Show 22 retains all the fan-favorite modes from the previous releases and adds certain new elements. There are more options in difficulty, which makes this year's release the perfect platform for newcomers.

Naturally, everyone will try to play Diamond Dynasty, the game's primary online mode. But the plans can be hampered if there are network errors.

Here are some simple ways to avoid network errors in MLB The Show 22

The first and most obvious thing to do is to give the console enough time to load up. Modern-day next-generation consoles can load up quickly, and players can get into the game rapidly. However, the system takes some time to connect to the wireless networks.

If a player is trying to load too soon into Diamond Dynasty, this might give a network error.

Restarting the console


This is a typical bug that sometimes appeared in previous game versions. For no fundamental reason, there is sometimes a bug that gets triggered. This bug prevents proper network connection, and an easy way to fix the issue is to close the game and restart the console.

Alternatively, players can also close the game and toggle on/off the wireless connection.

Ensure that the servers aren't down


Sometimes, the game servers can be under maintenance, which could prevent players from logging into the online modes or the game. Unfortunately, this is a server-side issue, and there's very little that players can do but wait.

A problem with the servers can also result in an Unhandled Server Exception. However, players need not worry too much as it refers to any situation when the connection with the server can't be established.

This mainly occurs when the server faces a severe load or is undergoing maintenance.

Check NATs


Strict NATs of wireless networks can often restrict the connection of video games. There are different ways to check the NAT type of network. If the result comes out as Strict, it's best to change it to open.

These are some methods that could help MLB The Show 22 players solve their problems. Once again, offline modes can be accessed if there is network trouble. However, players will have to fix the issue if they want to play Diamond Dynasty.

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