What can players transfer in MLB The Show 22?

Which things can be transferred from earlier games to MLB The Show 22? (Image via Sony)
Which things can be transferred from earlier games to MLB The Show 22? (Image via Sony)

With the onset of April, MLB The Show 22 will be released on all the major platforms worldwide. Players can already enjoy the game if they have bought the MVP 22 or Digital Deluxe Editions. Both come with four days of early access, which unlocks all the game areas for the players.

There are interesting new features and all the fan-favorite modes from the previous releases. With that being said, there are very few things from the prior year's release that are transferrable to the new game.


MLB The Show 22 will be the latest iteration of the most realistic simulation in baseball. Featuring thoroughly licensed teams, leagues, and players, there are tons of things to do for the players. These include different modes that allow players to play online and offline.

The franchise mode is once again present, which will allow players to control the affairs of their favorite sides. However, a new start can be more accessible if players know which things they can transfer.

MLB The Show 22 lets players transfer a few things but restricts most of them

There's only one major component that's transferrable between releases over the two years. While it may seem insignificant in context to things that can't be transferred, it still allows players to customize their game.

Logos (Transferrable)


MLB The Show allows players to use custom logos after loading them externally. The routine will continue with the latest release, and there's some good news for the players. They will be allowed to transfer their custom logos from the previous year's release to MLB The Show 22. All a player will need to ensure is that the logos are uploaded to the vault.

Year-on-Year saves (Non-Transferrable)


This is perhaps the most desired and essential thing players want to transfer between releases. Unfortunately for the fans, saves aren't transferrable, and they will need to make a fresh start.

This feature is a request made by any game fan who plays titles like FIFA, Madden, and others. While it will undoubtedly be sad for the fans, there could be certain technological limitations. These limitations may be the cause of such a decision.

Beta test progress (Non-Transferrable)


To ensure that everybody starts on equal footing, players will have to start afresh with the official release. This ensures that beta testers don't get an unfair advantage. However, this could be problematic as the game has active PvP elements in its popular Diamond Dynasty mode.

Stadiums (Non-Transferrable)


MLB The Show 22 has further enhanced the stadium creation mode in this year's release. It follows a feature implemented in last year's release that saw many players build real-life and other innovative stadiums. Unfortunately, any stadium created in MLB The Show 21 will stay locked and won't be transferrable.

Should you get MLB The Show 22?

The above information might seem detrimental to a few players with everything that can't be transferred. The inability to transfer saves could be a major dealbreaker for them. However, this year's release still has plenty of features that make the game worth buying.


MLB The Show 22's capabilities to run on advanced hardware have been further improved based on last year's work. The generosity with rewards has also increased in a gradual sense. There are also two extra difficulty modes for the fans to make things easier for the newcomers.

The 2022 version also retains all the fan-favorite modes from last year's game. Overall, MLB The Show 22 looks like another fantastic creation by Santa Monica Studio, and this year will observe the franchise making its debut on Nintendo Switch.

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