MrBeast announces his long-anticipated chocolate factory video has been released

MrBeast let fans on Twitter know that his chocolate factory video has finally been released (Image via Twitter)
MrBeast let fans on Twitter know that his chocolate factory video has finally been released (Image via Twitter)
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Jimmy "MrBeast" has been teasing a video in the style of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory for some time now. The concept, featuring his Feastables chocolate brand, has been teased as being bigger than the YouTuber's Squid Game competition.

He took to Twitter to let fans know that the chocolate factory video is now up on his YouTube channel, urging them to watch it as soon as possible.

We recreated Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in real life and flew down 10 people that found golden tickets in our chocolate bars to compete for it! GO WATCH :)

MrBeast announces his chocolate factory video

After the success of his Squid Game tribute and competition, the YouTuber began teasing a new big-budget video that would surpass it both in scope and popularity. In recent months, it became known that the video would be centered around a chocolate factory for his Feastables brand chocolate.

The video is a competition in the vain of the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Like the movie, ten fans who ordered his chocolate received a golden ticket in one of their chocolate bars. The ticket was an invitation for these lucky fans to come to the chocolate factory and participate in a competition. The winner would receive the factory.

The factory itself borrows its visuals from the film heavily, including a river of chocolate running through the middle of the factory. The various challenges during the competition were things like playing hide and seek throughout the factory, rock climbing on a wall made of candy and throwing giant Mentos into a colossal Coca-Cola bottle.

It was also teased that Gordan Ramsey would be involved in the chocolate factory competition, overseeing and judging the final competition where the contestants baked sweets.

While he showcased his trademark harshness towards the contestants when it came to rating their desserts, he ultimately decided who won the competition and the deed to the chocolate factory.

MrBeast, playing the role of Willy Wonka, did an excellent job of staying faithful to the source material in his chocolate factory competition.


Fans react to MrBeast chocolate factory

The video, which received four million views in a little over an hour, was long awaited by fans of MrBeast. The news that the video had finally been uploaded delighted many fans.


Others said that watching the video would have to be put on hold as it came out at the same time as Fortnite's most recent event.

@MrBeast watch the fortnite event tho it’s a 1 time thing
@MrBeast sorry jimmy I'm busy watching the Fortnite event
@MrBeast watching Fortnite event I can't

Fans can go to the YouTuber's main channel to watch the video right now.

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