MultiVersus Season 1 official roster reveal confirms addition of Black Adam and Stripe

Black Adam and Stripe to officially arrive in Warner Bros' multi-universe fighting game in Season 1 (Image via Warner Bros)
Black Adam and Stripe to officially arrive in Warner Bros' multi-universe fighting game in Season 1 (Image via Warner Bros)
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Released on July 28, 2022, MultiVersus is the latest fighting game to take the internet by storm. Featuring iconic characters from Warner Brothers' various franchises, the title has rapidly gained an immense fan following.

While it has a huge roster of fan favorites including Batman, Bugs Bunny, Rick, Morty, and other iconic individuals, the developers are already providing more for players' delight. Arriving in Season 1 are Black Adam and Stripe, as confirmed by the developers themselves.

What's better than officially kicking off #MultiVersus Season 1? Announcing Black Adam and Stripe are also coming this season. ๐Ÿ˜ You're welcome.

Here's everything fans need to know about the new characters.

Black Adam and Stripe make their way into the MultiVersus universe

Rumors regarding the addition of Black Adam and Stripes have been circulating on social media for quite some time. After much discussion and hype, the developers behind MultiVersus have finally confirmed their arrival in Season 1.

Many know Stripe as a pesky antagonist from Gremlin and Space Jam: A New Legacy. Meanwhile, Black Adam is notoriously renowned for being an antihero in the DC Comics universe.

While people expect Black Adam to look more like Dwayne Johnson, MultiVersus developers have chosen to give the character a look more faithful to the comics.


Multiple DC fans who knew Black Adam before the arrival of the live-action movie have appreciated this choice as a whole. Looking at Stripe's design choices, the developers have kept his iconic Mohawk hairstyle from Gremlin. However, it has received some modifications to better fit the game's overall aesthetics.

As for their release date, no statements have been made so far. However, some speculation could be drawn from the upcoming release of Black Adam in October. With the film arriving in a couple of months, both characters could be released in the same window.

When Steven is your whole Universe โœจ #MultiVersus

Apart from Black Adam and Stripe, characters such as Rick and Morty are also scheduled to come out in Season 1. With that being said, the current season could see multiple arrivals across the board.

As of now, MultiVersus is only available in a few nations, with a gradual expansion seeming increasingly imminent. With multiple YouTubers and streamers enjoying the game, its rapid rise will warrant a global release sooner rather than later.

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