"My heart dropped, I was not expecting that": Danny Duncan's viral "accident" video leaves netizens shocked

Danny Duncan scares fans with edited video (Image via Sportskeeda)
Danny Duncan scares fans with edited video. (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTuber Danny Duncan has managed to give his fans a mini attack after a clip surfaced online where a red Mustang obliterated an RV after crashing into it, while he was still inside. However, much to his fans’ relief, the clip is edited, and a closer look will reveal that there was a fine cut between Danny's seating and the car crash.

Nonetheless, at first glance, the video clip did raise a lot of eyebrows. Twitter/X users have also reacted to it, with one fan stating:

“My heart dropped I was not expecting that.”

Danny Duncan pranks fans with an edited video

For those who might not be familiar with the YouTuber, Danny Duncan currently boasts a substantial following of more than 7.27 million subscribers. He is primarily recognized for creating content that revolves around pranks and stunts, forming the core of his video repertoire.

Recently, he uploaded a video under the title "We Jumped My Car Through an RV!" In this video, as the title suggests, he presents his red Mustang colliding with the van. Although the viral clip isn't included in the YouTube video, it was captured during the same recording and subsequently shared as a separate upload on Twitter/X.


The clip understandably triggered a significant amount of commotion initially, but fans swiftly caught on to the scheme and recognized it as a prank after a while. In fact, one user captured a screenshot of the exact moment when the edit occurred and shared the evidence:

What did the community say?

Naturally, at first glance, it led to a considerable number of raised eyebrows and elicited a few jump scares as well. Here are some of the notable reactions left by Twiiter/X users:

Fans promptly deciphered the edit as well and proceeded to share their reactions. Here are a few notable ones:

This isn't the first instance where Danny Duncan has made headlines. In December 2021, he faced allegations of physical abuse from a former employee named Aaron "SunhatKid." The latter accused that during their time working together, Duncan had reportedly subjected him to instances where he held a knife to his throat.

However, Danny countered these claims by stating that a significant number of these occurrences were meant as jokes, and he asserted that Aaron had accused him of such actions for the sake of gaining attention.

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