Gaming community speculates the reason behind Dr DisRespect's Twitch Ban

(picture credits: shacknews)
(picture credits: shacknews)
Rahul Bhushan

It came as a shock to the entire gaming community, when one of the most popular streamers on the platform, Dr DisRespect was banned from Twitch, and his channel removed.

Dr DisRespect rose to fame on the platform and was one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with over 4 Million subscribers on his channel. He regularly streamed shooters and battle royales like COD, Fortnite, Apex Legends, among other games.

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He is known for his high production value and humor. Dr DisRespect is one of the most beloved figures in the gaming community. Both Twitch and Dr Disrespect's silence regarding the actual reason for the ban has left the gaming community to speculate and form their own theories.

The gaming community speculates about the reason for Dr Disrespect's ban on Twitch

One of the most popular theories on the internet regarding the Twitch ban has been that Dr Disrespect, Ninja, and Shroud might be looking to start their own streaming service.

The three are perhaps the biggest streamers in the community and are incredibly influential. They have cited issues with Twitch in the past, and both Ninja and Shroud terminated their contracts with Twitch around last year.

Shroud and Ninja signed a deal with Mixer, which recently shut down. This means that the pair are now free agents as of now, along with Dr DisRespect, who was unceremoniously dropped by Twitch.

This theory was also supported by several people who noticed that Dr DisRespect's sponsors immediately dropped him upon sensing controversy. However, they picked him back up just as fast, perhaps after hearing him out on the reasons for his ban.

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A major section of the community speculates that Dr DisRespect was caught by Twitch trying to recruit other streamers for his new platform and was therefore banned.

Given that Dr DisRespect had recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with Twitch, this decision to suddenly quit the platform loses steam.

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