NBA 2K22: MyCareer & The City to be integrated on next-gen consoles

NBA 2K22 covers. Image via Phillipine Star
NBA 2K22 covers. Image via Phillipine Star

For NBA 2K21 last year, due to a myriad of things including COVID-19 and the delay in the end of the NBA season, the next-gen version (for PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X) was released much later than the last-gen console version was. The last-gen version of 2K21 was released in September and the next-gen release didn't hit stores and shelves for a while after that.

When games go to different eras of consoles, like when the Xbox One and Xbox 360 were both relevant at the same time, they simply release the same game with better graphics or some other small updates like that.

This time, with NBA 2K22, the developers have decided to make the experience different for each generation of consoles. This doesn't mean one version is worse, per se, as NBA 2K has stated that they have worked equally hard on both versions. For the latest release, this means The City and MyCareer are integrated into the next-gen versions.

MyCareer. Image via NBA 2K Wiki
MyCareer. Image via NBA 2K Wiki

MyCareer and The City in NBA 2K

MyCareer and the Neighborhood game mode will see drastic changes this year. According to NBA 2K22 leaks & intel, the former will no longer have an elaborate story accompanying it. Strictly basketball for this iteration, it seems.

In The City, which will be on next-gen consoles, they've addressed some of the big complaints. The buildings and scenery are realistic and have much more detail, and there will reportedly be a lot more non-basketball stuff to do in this mode. The wait time for matches has also been drastically reduced.

These modes, MyCareer and The City, will be integrated in next-gen consoles. This will allow players to either focus on the basketball aspect of MyCareer or focus on the non-basketball activities that The City provides, or do both. It gives players the freedom to play their career the way they want to, something that has been lacking in previous releases.

The City from 2K21. Image via Complex
The City from 2K21. Image via Complex

Is this a good idea, or will the separation that is still part of the last-gen versions remain the better option? Pre-orders are open now!

Edited by Ashish Yadav
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