nCORE Games FAU-G Mobile’s content rating changed to “Teen”

The content rating for FAU-G has been changed
The content rating for FAU-G has been changed
Aniket Thakkar

FAU-G, aka Fearless and United Guards, earlier had a content rating of Above 16 on the Google Play Store, but it has now been changed to Teen.

A few weeks back, nCORE Games, the developers of this highly-anticipated game, announced the pre-registration. It received a great response from the community, surpassing one million pre-registrations within the first 24 hours.

The game’s announcement was made in early September by Akshay Kumar, while the official teaser was dropped at the end of October, on Dussehra. Though users were divided, it managed to keep them buzzing.

FAU-G’s content rating changed on Google Play Store

The content rating enables players to know the minimum maturity level of content in the apps. It depends on multiple factors, including the in-game content.

When the pre-registration of FAU-G began, it had a content rating of Above 16, which meant that the game contained intense violence. But now, it has been changed to Teen, i.e., the game contains violence and blood.

According to Google Play Help:

“Ratings are the responsibility of the app developers and the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).”


However, the rating doesn’t tell players whether an app is designed for users of a specific age.

FAU-G will be based on real-world scenarios and educate users about the sacrifices of Indian soldiers. Also, 20% of the game’s net revenue will get donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust.

The developers have held back most cards about the game, and not many revelations have been made about the actual gameplay. But with the pre-registration already underway, it appears only a matter of time before players get to experience it. It will be fascinating to see what nCORE Games has up its sleeves.

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