New Dark Souls 3 PC exploit could let hackers take over entire systems

A recent exploit discovered in the game potentially can cause a lot of misery for players, and it isn't the difficulty (Image via FromSoftware)
A recent exploit discovered in the game potentially can cause a lot of misery for players, and it isn't the difficulty (Image via FromSoftware)

Dark Souls 3 has always been the center of attention for various reasons. Be it for the difficulty of the game, beautiful art and world design, tons of speedrunners completing the said game with skill and tact. It is usually one of the examples put forward whenever discussion for difficulty and accessibility comes up - Dark Souls 3 has it all.

However, this time, it seems the game might be getting attention again, but for the wrong reasons. First revealed in a report by Dextero, a new exploit was discovered in Dark Souls 3, which can cause harm to the PC players who are connected to the internet while playing the game. Frankly speaking, no amount of jolly co-op with randoms makes up for the headache caused by this exploit.

Dark Souls 3 exploit acts like a trojan horse virus

In January 2022, a new exploit was discovered for the action-adventure high fantasy RPG Dark Souls 3, where PC players connected to the internet while playing the game could put their system at risk.

The exploit pretty much turns the game into a trojan virus, and people with malicious intent can brick someone's PC if they want to.

The exploit was first confirmed by a Twitter user called SkeleMann. As per the user, the exploit can cause tons of headaches for the players who are experiencing the game online. The problem ranges from getting one's PC bricked to leaking personal information and even making malicious programs run in the background.

PSA - DARK SOULS 3 - PC#DarkSouls3 #DarkSoulsHey folksOn PC there is a new, very serious exploit plaguing Dark Souls 3 which can cause lasting damage to your computer.This could brick your PC, let your login information be shared, or execute programs in the background. 1/?

SkeleMann also pointed out that the issue is persistent in FromSoftware's upcoming action RPG Elden Ring. Developers are currently looking into those issues.

Update 1: Blue Sentinel does not protect against this new CRE.So like suggested before:Do NOT play Dark Souls 3 in online mode.In addition:Bandai Namco's personnel of the issue, the issue is also present in Elden Ring but is now also being looked at.Keep you posted folks.

In the meantime, the only alternative to not get into problems is either not playing the game online or installing the Blue Sentinels mod, which got updated to protect the players from the exploit.

The new Blue Sentinel update is now out which should keep your PC and your information safe.Please, for your own sake, install this mod if you plan to engage in Dark Souls 3 online play on PC…Cont.

The exploit was also seen in action (via Verge) during the Dark Souls player The__Grimm__Sleeper's stream.

However, the hack was not done by anyone with malicious intent. As posted by SkeleMann on their personal Twitter, the hack was done by someone who just wanted to bring the issue to FromSoftware's attention.

It seems that Bandai Namco is finally aware of this issue if the Reddit thread reply is something to believe.

Hopefully, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware will address this issue and get it fixed quickly.

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