New Kord gun in Free Fire OB27 update: All you need to know

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Modified 14 Apr 2021

Garena Free Fire will be releasing their OB27 update today, i.e., on April 14, 2021, from 6 PM (IST) onwards. Players can download the update from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store once it releases.

As always, the OB27 update will bring in many interesting changes like UI adjustments, weapon balances, new characters, and more. However, one of the most anticipated features of the OB27 update is the new LMG (Light Machine Gun): Kord.

The new Kord gun has many interesting features. Players can utilize those features to make the gun effective in long, mid, as well as close-range combats.

This article shares all the details and official stats about the new Kord gun in Free Fire's OB27 update.

What is the new Kord gun in Free Fire?

As stated in Free Fire's official patch notes, the new Kord gun is an LMG class weapon. This weapon will be available in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches.

According to the official patch notes of Free Fire:

"The Kord is an LMG that can be used as an effective tool for surprising fire. Crouch down and fire to destroy all the players."

It has also been stated that players can crouch or prone to activate the Machine Gun mode in Kord.

What is the new Machine Gun mode in Free Fire?

Machine guns usually have large magazine sizes, and hence it does not give players an advantage during suppressing fire because the slow rate of fire and recoil makes attacking enemies extremely difficult.

After the OB27 patch update, players will be able to activate the Machine Gun mode by crouching to increase the fire output on their enemies.

Official weapon stats of Kord

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Rate of Fire: 0.21
  • Magazine: 80
  • Attachment Slot: Scope can be attached

After activating the Machine Gun mode, the rate of fire for Kord is boosted by 5%, and three shots will be released at once.

Analyzing the new weapon: Kord

The new weapon: Kord
The new weapon: Kord

As per the official stats, the new weapon will have the lowest ever base damage in the LMG category compared to the other weapons such as Gatling and M249.

Though the magazine capacity is massive, the rate of fire is less. However, the Machine Gun mode does seem to provide a buff to the fire rate. As of now, it can be assumed that Kord will be an effective weapon in all ranges of combats.

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Published 14 Apr 2021
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